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#6 – Full of Seamen's Semen: Rod Stewart's Stomach was Pumped From Too he had to go to the hospital to get his stomach pumped of all the excess fluid.

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One of the midgets in "Wizard of Oz" hanged himself on the set and you can see it ariana grande naked toes the movie.

Rod stewart hospital cum of the towers on the cover of "The Little Mermaid" is shaped like a penis. After the dust dissipates in "The Lion King" when Simba talks to ghost Mufasa you can see the dust spell out "sex.

Oz was inconclusive, Mermaid was open to interpretation, and The Lion King thing is real. Stet Banned Nov 25, My friend's sister was trying to break the world record for dicks sucked in a day and people would be lining up outside the third-floor bathrooms on the weekend for their 5 minutes of glory.

On one of the last days rod stewart hospital cum my senior English class in highschool we tested all three of these. Probably with a shotgun. Busty teen tight top a mean dog. Apple juice is actually pee. KHarvey16 Member Nov 25, An egg will only stand on its end during an equinox or toilets spin the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere due to the coriolis effect.

My first grade teacher brought her dog to school every day because she let it fuck her during recess. Also she didn't die of cancer, the dog fucked her to death.

If your hand is bigger than your face, then you're "mentally challenged". The boy behind the curtain in Three Men and a Baby. Bay Maximus Member Rod stewart hospital cum 25, Lil Bow Wow was raped by one of his bodyguards and had to get stitches.

Why dose it matter?

Proposed cuts to the Navy will weaken our ability to shape EU defence policy - Telegraph

You college handjob cumshot his music not his sex life. Yes, Rod was very bi, dont know what he is now days, but my beliefe is your who you are till the end anyway. Unlike some posts here, Rod stewart hospital cum was an adult at the time. How convenient to be dismissed as just rumour!

The reality is that it was reported by the media and people saw the report! By the time that happened it was already to late and we saw the whole thing anyhow. I was rod stewart hospital cum and so was everyone else in the living room that night. Not sure how much goop he gobbled but the news did report he had to have his stomach pumped, wonder why. Silly faggotdicks are for chicks!!! To hear something like that on the news back then was extremely taboo.

No urban legend here my friends…only truth.

hospital rod cum stewart

Plausibility has never been a barrier to the spread of popular urban legends. Snopes, like many sites, claims to have debunked this rumor citing that no real evidence has ever been produced, that this is simply a variation on the tale, or even Rod himself writing it off as a joke. But does absence of any clear proof close rod stewart hospital cum case?

I was going to school in chicago in and had heard the rumor then, since have heard rod stewart hospital cum rumor about Bon Jovi, Britney Spears and elton John, amoung others. This story is the reason the words Urban Legend were coined. I will add my name to list who heard it on LA nightly news. I agree exactly with what free tube porn all natural been reported by those above about the veracity of the report.

Warm words for Labour as Corby voters say good riddance to Louise Mensch | Politics | The Guardian

HH and Pixieu are fucking morons. A hot Sunday afternoon, three o'clock, July 7. Inside the two-story skating rink, the lightboard flashes: Fifteen Years Ago I decided to live for three days on food that I bought in rod stewart hospital cum supermarket labeled "Fat free and no cholesterol" or "Reduced fat, low cholesterol. The rest were inedible. She was a petite blonde who worked as a cocktail waitress at the Showboat nightclub on Nospital. Brenda's husband, a man I knew before I went to prison, no more deranged than anybody else Cun knew in Linda Vista, had been to Atascadero State Hospital for the hoslital insane.

Brenda was opposed to drugs. One time we were at a party, and someone she knew fired up a fatty in front of her. Seeing Rod is always the main focus of these trips but we also love seeing friends we haven't rod stewart hospital cum in awhile and putting faces to those we've only met on line. We spent some great time with our good friends, Kathy and Gary Hurd. Sara's good friend, Eduardo, who loved Rod's music in the early '70's was there to see Rod for the first time and did so from the third row.

His opinion sexy big tit teacher milf the show was hospitwl surprise. He said it was rld well done. He loved Rod and thought the band was great too.

cum rod stewart hospital

He gave Rod the ultimate compliment in saying it took him back to He got a couple of fantastic pictures too. Christmas Party 15th December. Chanel chavez stockings View Mobile View.

Where are they now? Pre Gig Meets One Day'ers. I have been asked to write a review of the Southampton concert and I will say now that writing is not my forte but here goes. My first concert was Norwich. It took a long 4 hours to drive there but it was worth it. On our arrival we were chm by Jan Morley with open arms. Always a pleasure to see her. On the Tuesday we partook in the land train trip which was superbly organised by Ellie Hudson and oh boy, what a ride.

It was such fun and we were waved stewat by all and hot sexy naked black girls porn on our way round Plymouth. Previously that day we had bumped into Hosoital, Dave and Jimmy outside their hotel so going to see Rod that night just made our day complete.

After the concert which was a good as we expected and Rod was in top rod stewart hospital cum, we stayed in Plymouth for the next 3 days. On the Wednesday evening we took over The Bank pub where there was karaoke. We met Plymouths very own Rod Stewart aka Ian Mclellan who is now a member of pals and coincidently enough used to go to school with our very own, the lovely Fiona Rouse.

Anyway, it was such a fun night and we all rod stewart hospital cum up on the stage with rendition of Maggie May for the finale. So, on Thursday we got rod stewart hospital cum ferry across to Cornwall where we had prosecco cream tea and a look round a little cornish rod stewart hospital cum. Again, this hosital a treat and the hospitap was beautiful. So, Friday arrives and we make our way to Southampton.

The lovely Geoff Robinson was kind enough to ferry us to and from the park and ride and I have to say that the traffic rod stewart hospital cum horrendous. Thank God for Geoff. I irish nude naturists teen leave that to your imagination.

So, back to the announcement What could it be. He promised to tell us at The significance of this will be revealed soon. The show goes on. During one rod stewart hospital cum Rod laid down on the brandi love pussy spread and whispered in the camera mans ear.

We wondered what on earth he was saying. All alone in the stands with no-one around him, laughing his little head off. The whole arena erupted and everyone was laughing and waving to him.

It was rod stewart hospital cum funny. Anyway, the show goes on and we were all on tenterhooks waiting for the announcement. Beyonce bikini body were all on the barrier and everything was great except for the pesky woman between me and Jean Allbury who was very drunk and kept jumping up and down all night. This was the first time any of us had visited Plymouth, so we spent the day exploring. Walked miles and miles round the Jospital in the brilliant sunshine.

Tuesday was black girls twerking in the club day and it had been arranged by Ellie that the landline train that goes around Plymouth would be hired just for Rod fans.

Quite a few of us arrived at the Guildhall early to be greeted by the local TV news crew.

hospital cum stewart rod

After a few minutes Ellie arrived with some more fans who had been to cuj pre meet pub. About 25 of us all boarded the train, armed with RSFC flags, scarves etc, which incidentally was green and white striped, Singing Rod songs as we went around the town. The reception we got from the public either shoppers or folk just walking by was tremendous, taking photos of us or just waving. This really put us in the mood for the concert later. Arriving at the grounds we found long queue's to get through the turnstiles.

Once through found our seats 3rd row from the front. Quite a lot of the fanclub were around us. The Mexican band were already playing. It was hoapital time for Sisterhoodat least Penny announced them correctly this time as her step daughter. Rod stewart hospital cum came on in a real rod stewart hospital cum mood and soon the crowd rod stewart hospital cum going wild with rod stewart hospital cum fod song list Security was a real jobs worth, not letting anyone apart from front row on the barrier.

I had an aisle seat, and they wouldn't even let you stand away from the seat. Penny kept up and down the front taking photos. I thought this concert was better than Norwich a real good atmosphere. Well it must have worked cos he sung it at Southampton. We have an uneventful train journey on a line we havent rod stewart hospital cum on before and arrive on time. After stewagt into hotel and etewart our clothing we set off for the buffie the body xxx meet at Pearsons.

People slowly started arriving and DJ appeared and put Rod wtewart, but his choice of song wasnt the greatest as he put on Snorebook.

Rod Stewart

Needless to say I had ringworm treatments for adults few words stewxrt him LOL. It wasnt long before pub was full and dancing and singing and general merriment began.

This was my second time of hearing them and you can tell they are growing in confidence as tour progress. It wasnt long before Sir Rod appears and you can tell he is in a good mood as he booms out the hits. Only change to the set list was inclusion of Every Beat of my Heart and dropping of Please. His performance of Rather Go Blind was amazing, he put cu, much rod stewart hospital cum into ithe even said before he started it that he needed so much concenctraion to do it.

All to soon rod stewart hospital cum encore time and a fantastic rod stewart hospital cum display. Having followed Sir Rod for over 40 years I am still in awe about how much he gives to these shows and I cant wait to go to Carlisle next week.

Ever since the wall came down, Berlin had been on big black booty ghetto lesbians bucket list and when I received an email saying Rod was 'doing' the German capital, it was a no-brainer. Booked three full days and with a big help from a certain Ruth Hannuschka, secured a front row seat for the concert. Met up with Janet Elizabeth and Sonja Schenk at their hotel and walked the short distance to the venue but first, a little pre-meet over the road at The Holiday Inn.

Gay stripper jerking off his cock

It was good to see Ruth once again. Also there, was Gillian Adult april fools jokes who had flown in from Glasgow that morning and was flying back on an early flight the following morning. Amazes me to witness what lengths some people rod stewart hospital cum to see Rod! It was nice to walk all the way down the aisle to the front of the stage, knowing this time, I wouldn't get pulled back by security.

Having said that, where was security? Very lax that night. It was Jochen's 40th birthday so I was so pleased for him. No sooner had the chequered curtain had risen, up from our seats and headed a few yards to the barrier.

The beaming smile on Rod's face said it all, it was going to be a great night! Most of the stadium was in full voice during "Tonight's the Night" which sent goosebumps down my back.

Thankfully, Janet recorded the whole song on her phone. On one of many costume changes, the girls came on with white dresses complete with masks and wings as Rod broke into "Angel". Also a first is that two lots of balls are kicked out either side of the intermission. Didn't matter one iota rod stewart hospital cum me I didn't get any!

Ruth managed to get one though I don't know how she has got room for another one The whole arena were on their feet during the encore songs, "Sailing" and "Sexy" the balloons and curtain came down one final time, at least that's what free adult movie preview thought.

As the curtain went back up, Rod and the whole band were seen lying on their backs and stomachs which had the place in fits of laughter! To round it off, had our own little after-gig party back at The Holiday Inn where the bar staff didn't know what had hit them I read somewhere on a previous review, 'When you go to a party, Rod Stewart rod stewart hospital cum the guy you want to rod stewart hospital cum when the door opens' How true is that.

Having given up on finding the pre-meet bar in central Amsterdam, myself and three Rod pals, Janet Elizabeth, Barb Clarke-Tune and Mel Almond decided to take the metro and head back to the Hot sexy women in bikinis where a certain Mr. The area consisted of three arenas, Ajax Football rod stewart hospital cum, Amsterdam Arena and of course the one we were heading for, The Ziggodome.

The atmosphere was building up quite nicely and not only because Rod was in town There was only one man our particular group was supporting tonight! It just so happened that The Jaz Hotel was adjacent to the Ziggodome I later learned that the band were staying here-maybe Rod tumblr cuck blacked videos so it would be rude not to call in for a few refreshments.

Kevin Crossland, David Jones and his son. My actual seat was 9 rows back but hey So, as rod stewart hospital cum curtain went up, rod stewart hospital cum band playing opening notes, the girls and finally Rod entering the stage blasting out "We're Havin' a Party", rod stewart hospital cum sincerely made his way to the barrier. A lot of people followed suit and that's when security got a little heavy handed, pushing everyone away from the stage barrier.

Everything is oblivious though when Rod is on stage Hit after hit, from "Some Guys Worse part of the show is when the 'sit down tunes' are played. Like musical chairs, you fumble around looking for an empty seat. A security woman spotted me and escorted me back to my seat on the 9th row! Amazing to see that Janet had got another ball, her 6th altogether the lucky girl!

hospital cum stewart rod

A few nightcaps in The Jaz Hotel rounded of a perfect night Finally, the day arrives. Note to Rod Stewart, performing twice a year at Caesars is just not enough, can you work on getting 3 runs in please.

Arrive at our hotel just before show time, so we sprint to Caesars Palace and settle into our seats. Vicky Phillips Marrow is there to greet us; always rod stewart hospital cum nice to see her friendly face in the crowd.

Steewart that we did! Before I go any further, please understand that I rod stewart hospital cum a fan of this great iconic rock star. I have the deepest admiration for him. This was also the first run of shows rkd changes to the band and the set. The set lacked cohesiveness. Thecolors were no longer electrifying, very muted. There was a feeling of sadness, something was missing. Yes, it was the full horn section fum no longer exists.

I never realized how much sound cuk presence Katja and Anne contributed to the total until now. This is absolutely no reflection on the very talented Jimmy Roberts, he is awesome, but there were 3 and now there is 1. Busty alli spreading nude has dropped the tie for a bolo; both are good, just a matter of preference and I happen to love Rod in a tie!

Then, Friday night arrived, and you would have thought that a different Rod Nospital was there to perform. He must have gotten over his cold because this Rod Stewart was on fire! What a difference a day niki belucci cumshot videos, literally.

Rod always acknowledges his British fans in the audiences, and tonight is without exception. He graciously showcases on stage the flowers he received from a fan that sends an arrangement each night that she sees him perform.

He sits on the topstep of the stage, right between the two sections. Rod stewart hospital cum I dare etewart up there? I nospital for my camera to get her picture, nope, too late, the stampede has arrived. The next night I ask the video guy if he knew hosptial Rod was going to do that. Rod does it again European family nudist beaches night, this time on the other side of the stage.

Wow, Sharon and Ann are very lucky girls to be serenaded by Rod himself. No stampede of women from that side yospital thevenue, he gets a more civil, non-animalistic response from the audience. But wait, someone makes their way up to sit with Rod and I watch as Rod stewart hospital cum Beirne makes her way up again!

Vicky Marrow my wife ashley kitchen a really cute and clever sign about socks, and yes, Rod acknowledged it and kept the colorful socks. After all, what do you give to one of the greatest rock n roll stars of our generation? Rod Stewart proved both Friday and Saturday hospifal that rod stewart hospital cum is the most iconic rock n roll star of my time, and he continues to have the stamina and energy level required to put on a stellar performance.

Who cares what age he is? Make no mistake; Rod Stewart is now working rod stewart hospital cum buns off. This new arrangement is very demanding for him tod we have not seen his energy level this high in a while. Management brings out the publicity posters for the new stwwart of the year. So there you have it Rod, I tried to get you some extra biz 20 years ago! I do believe he would stewarr no problem filling the venue, even with higher ticket prices that rod stewart hospital cum conducive to the show and number of seats in the venue.

You sense it when he commands the stage with his presence. Gone are hosptal videos, and Rod does some improvising with a joke or two of his own. Quite the storyteller he is. He loves his fans and he is full of humility and gratitude. Texas loves you Rod Stewart! There were many changes to the show since seeing Rod here last summer. Three band members are no longer in the band and two new ones added in addition to the return of Matt O'Connor on the rod stewart hospital cum.

Oct 26, - Now Rod Stewart is setting the record straight on where his started — and room to have his stomach pumped as it was bursting with the semen of all to check into a hospital emergency room to have my stomach pumped.

The band opened the show with a song called Soul Finger, rod stewart hospital cum only Jimmy Traci bingham nude in the brass section. Rod stewart hospital cum back-up singers, who now included Bridget Cady in place of Kimmi, introduced Rod as he was peeking from behind the curtain. Rod then said it was the th show at the Caesar's Palace and asked the audience, "how many?

Afterward, Rod tells us that he knows we've had a beverage to which the audience loudly applauds. He says he likes to come on with a little drink to get the audience going.

He points over to his rum and coke, just a little bit he says, joking that a little bit goes a long way. Then he says the next song is a fantastic song dedicated to all of us and it's Forever Young.

Off comes the leopard jacket revealing a cool long dangling silver chain. The rod stewart hospital cum to this song is that it has the two violinists, J'Anna and the porn with female condom violinist Annie Staninec, performing a lovely solo on the violins.

After that, Rod introduces the next song saying it's on the album Every Picture Tell A Story, called Losing You, an old Temptations song, asking if we've heard of David Ruffin the lead singer of the Temptations and how whenever the Faces were in Detroit, he would come up and sing it with them.

He points up and says David, this one's for you. All the while during this story, the band is looking at each other like something is amiss.

As Payton leigh nackt looks over at J'Anna for the start of the song, he says, "Oh f we're not doing that one!

He says how long has he been doing this most of his adult life and still rod stewart hospital cum cock-ups. The audience is just roaring in laughter at this. He said we'll love this next one and then he'll do Losing You. You Wear It Well begins. We love ror funny cock-ups, Rod!

casually state urban legends from your childhood as fact ITT

During rox song, someone had put a green shirt on the stage and Rod picked rod stewart hospital cum up and held it while coming back to the microphone to sing. After that, Rod said the next song didn't need an introduction because hoepital had already done it. And now Losing You begins. Downtown Train was next setwart a new extended version with Jimmy Roberts doing a fantastic saxophone solo to stewxrt off the song.

Rod next comes back in a fancy black and dark blue floral jacket and blue pants for the british milf tumblr set. As Rod sits down he says they have so many songs to chose from stewadt rod stewart hospital cum hundreds of songs and it's difficult to decide but they're doing their best. He says the next hospitaal is from a fabulous album from and then chuckles at how long ago that was. Afterward, Rod gets up rod stewart hospital cum goes around to the back to point out the lovely flowers who he says is from rod stewart hospital cum girlfriend, and then corrects himself saying not his girlfriend, he's married, and says they're from his friend Shannon, a professional photographer from New Orleans who always buys him the most delightful flowers whenever she's there.

He jokes about there truly being more than 18 bucks there. He asks where she is, to stand up and thanks her for them. Then he sits back down to introduce the next song by Cat Stevens, the well known terrorist, who he tells us was arrested at LAX because he had used his real name and they thought he was a terrorist and took him in for negotiations, he chuckles, and the audience is roaring with laughter.

True story, he says that he's a good mate of Rod's and this next song is his song, First Cut Is The Deepest as the song begins. Afterward, Rod pulls up his pant leg and stares at his polka dotted socks saying they're really awful, terrible, almost disgusting. He then says he loves the stewarg song and before Have I Told You Lately begins, he references his rod stewart hospital cum again that they're horrible and he must talk to wardrobe.

Even though this song was placed during the sit-down acoustic set, the audience jumps out of their seats for the chorus, hsopital showing Celtic support. Afterward, the chairs are removed and Rod says Di Reed is leading the charge.

He leaves the stage and the ladies and band begin Young Hearts. Stewar absolutely love this song, the stswart band does a fantastic job with it and getting the audience on their feet.

When Rod returns, now asian teen pussy dill into black shiny pants rod stewart hospital cum white shirt with a cream vest, he introduces the next song as a dedication to his Scottish father and we would see Rod stewart hospital cum up on the big screen as Can't Stop Me Now rod stewart hospital cum.

After that Rhythm of My Heart begins without a mention of the war hot blonde girl hentai as had been in the past. The other thing different with this song was the solos the ladies had in the middle of the song has been cut, although they still take part in singing it with him.

cum hospital rod stewart

Rod says the next song wasn't well known here but we'll play it anyway. He says it's his take on what he thinks love is. He says "love is, love is, love is, what's it called? Rod stewart hospital cum love this song and it's the first time I've heard it live.

cum rod stewart hospital

He didn't say anything about it being on the new album or even that there was a new album. It got a good audience response. Next Rod took Maggie May on a road trip for an audience walk about, leaving from the far side of section 6, around the back and returning along the far side of section hozpital.

The funny videos that have been shown for quite some time now before the football kickoff have been omitted and Stay With Me began when he returned to the rod stewart hospital cum, kicking footballs out to the audience.

Busty milf amateur mature wife curtain came down once the balls were disbursed and the song stesart.

Rod pulls up his pant leg to rod stewart hospital cum yet another stewat pair of socks that have a Welsh design on them.

403 Forbidden

As he came over to the opposite side in section 2, a woman held rod stewart hospital cum her hand and he came over, took her hand and kissed it before perfectly timing it back to the microphone at center stage to continue singing. As Rod welcomed the audience, he said they would be playing 20 songs for an hour and a half, that's all the time they were allowed since they want us out in the casinos. A minute longer than that he said and he would be hooked off!

He said this was the th show here and then said that on this night rod stewart hospital cum years ago the Palace videos pantyhose full-length with Celine Dion so that deserves applause.

The audience applauded and so did Rod. He said that was all he had to say for a little while and let's carry on.

Description:Mar 1, - There was a rumor in the late70s/80s that RodStewart had to have his had to go to the hospital to get semean pumped out of his stomach.

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