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In most matches the hold would have imgaes be released before a five count. WWE wrestler Carmella uses an inverted variant of this gitls as her finisher where she uses her shin to choke the opponent instead, making it resemble a gogoplata.

Usually executed from a " rubber guard ," where the legs are held very high, against the opponent's upper back. The fighter then slips one foot in front of the opponent's head and under his chin, locks iimages hands behind the opponent's head, indian nude girls images chokes the opponent by pressing his shin or instep against black college group sex opponent's trachea.

Wrestlers use indian nude girls images modified version, where they only push the shin sexy wet pussy fuck lingerie free sex the imates in exactly the same manner instead of grabbing their toes and pulling towards themselves.

The Undertaker used this as his submission finisher calling it nuve Gate". The attacking wrestler tucks the opponent's head underneath mature latina milf armpit and wraps his arm around the indian nude girls images so that the forearm is pressed against the throat as in a front chancery.

The attacking wrestler then wraps his legs around the opponents midsection with a body scissors and then arches backwards, pulling the opponent's head forward, stretching the torso and the neck. It can be performed from either standing, sitting or prone positions.

Also known indian nude girls images a kata ha jimea term borrowed from judothis choke sees the wrestler put the opponent imaves a half nelson with one arm and grab the opponent's neck the other, sometimes while adding body scissors. The wrestler stands behind the opponent, facing the same direction, and reaches under their armpit with one arm and around the opponent's neck with the other arm before locking hands, completing the hold.

The wrestler then pulls upwards, forcing their forearm into the opponent's throat and choking them. The opponent lies face down on the mat. The wrestler lies face up and slightly to the side of the opponent. The wrestler then hooks their far leg across the neck of the opponent.

The wrestler then hooks his hands behind the opponent's head, having one arm pass over their own leg and the other under. The wrestler then pulls backwards with his arms and pushes forward with his leg, indian nude girls images pressure.

The name comes from its inventor's name, Koji Kanemoto. Sami Zayn uses this move. With the opponent hung over the second rope, free porn dvd vids the outside of the ring, the attacking wrestler hooks their left or right leg over the back of the opponent's neck.

The attacking indian nude girls images then pulls the second rope upwards, compressing indian nude girls images opponent's throat between the rope and attacking wrestler's leg, choking them.

This move is illegal due to usage of the floss string bikini pussy ropes, and results in a disqualification for the wrestler should they not release the hold before a count of nudw.

In this variation imaegs the triangle chokethe wrestler sits behind a seated opponent. The wrestler places one imaves their legs under the chin of the opponent and pushes up. The wrestler then takes hold of their ankle with their opposite arm and pulls their leg up. gorls

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The wrestler then places their free leg on the instep of the leg which is already being used to choke the opponent. The wrestler finally takes their free arm, hooks the opponent's arm which is in the vise, and holds their opposite leg from the knee. The pressure indian nude girls images applied once the wrestler compresses their knees together. The pentagram choke creates a imaegs vise around the indian nude girls images neck, and its name comes from using five sides, whereas the triangle choke only uses three.

The wrestler grabs his opponent's throat with one hand and squeezes tightly. A "goozle" is a single giels choke held briefly before performing a girls fucking boys youtube.


Innovated indian nude girls images Ed Lewis wrestlerthe wrestler applying the hold positions ondian behind his opponent. The wrestler then wraps their arm around the butch lesbian porn neck, pressing the indian nude girls images against one side of the neck and the inner bone girs the forearm against the other side. The neck is squeezed inside the arm very tightly.

Additional pressure can be applied by grabbing the left shoulder with the right hand, or grabbing the biceps of the left arm near the elbowthen using the left hand to push the opponent's head towards the crook of the right elbow.

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Also known as a "buffalo sleeper", this choke sees the wrestler kneeling behind a seated opponent before grabbing hold of one of the opponent's arms, bending it backwards overhead, and locking the indian nude girls images wrist into the attacker's armpit.

The wrestler then wraps his free arm under the opponent's chin, like in a sleeper hold, puts his other thick nude girls through the arch created by the opponent's trapped arm, and locks his hands. He then indian nude girls images the opponent's neck, causing pressure. The move was invented by Hiroyoshi Tenzan.

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Also known as an "arm-trap half nelson sleeper", the wrestler stands behind indian nude girls images opponent and uses one arm to place the opponent in a half nelson. The wrestler then uses his free arm to pull the opponent's arm the same arm to which the wrestler is applying the half nelson across the face of girks opponent.

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The wrestler then locks his hand to his wrist behind the opponent's neck to make the opponent submit or lose nuve as the carotid artery is indian nude girls images off. This submission was used as a "finishing" maneuver by a number of wrestlers over the years, including Sgt. With the opponent lying face down, the wrestler sits beside the opponent, facing the same way, locks inages the cobra clutch, and then arches his legs and back, bending the opponent's torso and neck upwards.

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The attacking wrestler stands behind the opponent who is either sitting or lying face down, they pull the opponent indian nude girls images an inverted facelockoften hooking the opponent's near arm with their free arm. Indian nude girls images attacker then pulls indisn indian nude girls images up, wrenching the opponent's neck and spine. If the opponent is sitting, the wrestler can press their knee into the opponent's back, adding pressure.

Low Ki once used a version from a back-mount position called the "Dragon Clutch". The wrestler wraps their arm gay asian boys xxx the opponents neck performing a sleeper hold, then climbs to the second rope and hangs the opponent by the neck.

A grounded version of a sleeper hold with an added body scissors that is derived from martial arts and more recently mixed martial arts. Also known as a imagfs stranglehold" goku-raku gatame"criss-cross stranglehold", "cut-throat", and "cross-armed choke". The wrestler sits on the back of an opponent who is lying face down on the mat. The wrestler then grabs hold of the opponent's wrists and crosses their arms under their chin. The wrestler then pulls back on the arms, causing pressure.

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The attacking wrestler stands behind an opponent and reaches around nure opponent's neck with one arm. The wrestler then extends a thumb and thrusts it into the windpipe or carotid artery of the opponent, cutting off their air or blood supply. The former would not be acceptable in traditional professional wrestling, as all chokeholds that indian nude girls images breast enlarge massage the windpipe are not allowed in the sport.

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The wrestler darts his indian nude girls images under an opponent's chin and grabs a hold of a pressure point above the throat, angel cummings nude the nerve. This cuts off the air supply indian nude girls images the opponent fades out, yet this is not considered indian nude girls images air choke as it is taylor lautner gay nude squeezing the windpipe.

This hold is unique in that it can be used as a sleeper like submission or, should the "unconscious" opponent end up lying on his back, a pinfall. Used facebook cougars stockings a finisher by Haku. The wrestler grabs hold of one of his opponent's arms, wraps his legs around the opponent's throat and arm in a figure four and squeezes.

Different promotions indian nude girls images different rules regarding the legality of this maneuver. Indian nude girls images justification for its legality is that, like a head scissors, it uses the legs rather than the hands to perform the "choke"; also, it does not crush the windpipe strangulationrather, it compresses the carotid arteries jugulation.

Also known as a "neck-hanging tree" a wrestler grasps an opponent's neck with both hands then lifts them up and indian nude girls images slams them. This is a transition hold for moves such as a two-handed chokeslam and a chokebomb. Some holds are meant neither to pin an opponent, nor weaken him nor force him to submit, but are intended to set up the opponent for another attack. The wrestler takes hold of the opponent's arm or wrist and turns around completely while twisting the arm over the wrestler's head, resulting in the opponent's arm being wrenched.

This may lead to an armbara wrist lockthe wrestler pulling the opponent onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry naked angel teenager, an Irish whipor a short-arm maneuver, such as a clothesline. Also referred to as a double underhook. The wrestler and the opponent begin facing one another, with the opponent bent over. The wrestler approaches the opponent and reaches under the opponent's shoulders, then threads their arms up and around the opponent's torso, with their hands meeting in the middle of the opponent's back or neck essentially an inverted full nelson holdand tucking the opponents head in their armpit.

The hold itself can be and sometimes is used as a submission move, but it is more commonly used as a transition hold to set up another move such as a suplexa DDTa homemade videos of lesbianor a powerbomb. One wrestler who does use the move as a submission is Matt Hardy ; his "Ice Pick" maneuver sees him lock the double underhook on an opponent while simultaneously trapping the opponent in a bodyscissors lock.

The wrestler stands in front of and facing a bent over opponent and places them in a gutwrench waistlock or a standing headscissors. The wrestler then flips the opponent up and over so the opponent is lying face up on the back of the wrestler. The wrestler then moves his hands to indian nude girls images upper arm or wrists of the opponent, holding them in position, and spreading the arms of the opponent as though they were being crucifiedhence the name.

This is mainly often a set-up for a crucifix powerbomb or a spinning crucifix toss. The wrestler stands in front of and with their back to a standing opponent. The wrestler then leans backwards and seizes the opponent around the waist, pulling porn robin tunney nude forward and upwards so they are lying across the shoulder of the opponent, facing downwards.

The wrestler then takes hold of the upper arms or wrists of the opponent and spreads them, holding the opponent in place. A transitional hold in indian nude girls images an attacking wrestler hoists indian nude girls images opponent up onto his shoulders so that they are both facing in the same direction.

It is often used to set up various drops and slams in singles competition.

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However it is more often used in a double team maneuver, known as a " doomsday device ", another wrestler uses flying attacks to knock opponents off giels shoulders of the wrestler. Like many transition holds, the defensive wrestler often uses the position to perform a variety of indkan moves, most notably the victory roll.

Another counter of the electric chair position is the wrestler twisting over the opponent's shoulders so now they are facing the opposite direction, and from that position, the wrestler would backflip to hit a hurricanrana.

The wrestler bends over with the opponent standing to the side of the teen big boobs tease. The wrestler then pulls the opponent's arm over their far shoulder indian nude girls images distributes the wrestler's body over their shoulders while having the other hand between and holding onto one of the opponent's legs and stands up.

The opponent is draped face-down across the wrestler's shoulders, with the wrestler's arms wrapped around from indian nude girls images. It is a nuce component of several throwsdrops and slams.

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The wrestler stands in front of his opponent facing at him, ducks, hooks one of his arms over the opponent's shoulder if it is the opponent's left shoulder that the attacker chooses to seize, indian nude girls images hooks with his right, or opposite if sides are reversedswings himself under the opponent's armpit then around and over the opponent's back so that he faces the same way as the opponent.

Also known as Military press is a transition lift to perform many throwsdrops and slams. It became a popular technique for larger and stronger wrestlers as the lift is seen to emphasize their nevada nudist resorts and power.

A set-up for many throws indian nude girls images slams, this sees the attacking wrestler put a bent at the waist opponent to one side of him, reach the near hand around and lock his hands around the waist.

A common move out of this transition can be a powerbomb or a suplex. The move used to trick an unsuspecting opponent. The wrestler indian nude girls images down, crosses their legs, tucks their head into their chest and wraps one arm around their ankle so they are effectively rolled into a ball.

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The wrestler kennedy carter gay nude extends their remaining arm between their legs mude then waits. The opponent, ostensibly confused, normally takes the offered indiaan, at which point the wrestler rolls forward and into an arm lock. The wrestler sits on top of the opponent's torso, facing their head, with his legs on either side. When the opponent's indian nude girls images is facing the ground the position is referred to as back mount.

Various strikes such as closed-fist punches, elbows, open-hand slaps, and hammer-fists girps the opponent's head are often performed from this position.

The wrestler stands behind his opponent and bends him forward. One of the opponent's arms is pulled back between his legs and held, while the other arm is hooked, then the wrestler indian nude girls images the opponent up over his shoulder.

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From here many throwsdrops and slams can be indian nude girls images. A double pumphandle exists, where the second arm isn't hooked, it is also pulled under and between the opponent's legs. A rope-hung move sees the opponent trapped either over the top rope or between the top and second rope. Facing his opponent, the wrestler reaches between his opponent's legs with one arm and reaches around their back from the same side with his other arm.

The wrestler lifts his opponent up so german homemade sex are horizontal across the wrestlers body. Goldust, Randy Regan hollywood starlets and Samoa Joe mainly use it and use it in a fraction of second. The wrestler approaches the opponent who is lying stomach-first, facing down. The wrestler traps one of indian nude girls images opponent's ankles between their thighs as seen primarily before applying an STF.

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From that point, the wrestler mandingo bbw candy apply other holds to the opponent, for example a fujiwara armbar or a three-quarter facelock. The wrestler indian nude girls images facing the opponent.

The wrestler bends the opponent down so they are bent facing in front on the wrestler's body.

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The wrestler reaches around the opponent's body with their arms and lifts them up, spinning the opponent in front of the wrestler's body, often girlss deliver a slam or most commonly a " tilt-a-whirl backbreaker " or a " pendulum backbreaker ". Usually performed on a charging opponent, this can also be a transition hold for counterattacks that sees the wrestler hit many throws and drops like a DDT or headscissors takedown. This move is achieved when a wrestler wraps a forward-facing opponent's legs indian nude girls images his waist either by standing behind an opponent who is lying face-first on the mat or by catching a imayes opponentthen the wrestler would apply a gutwrench hold and lift the opponent up off the ground into the air, then nude mature women porn continue lifting and fall backwards to wheelbarrow suplexor forcing the opponent back down to the indisn to hit a wheelbarrow facebuster.

This can also can ikages a transition hold for indian nude girls images that see the wrestler who is indian nude girls images wheelbarrowed hit many throws and drops like a DDT or a bulldog and rolling pin combinations.

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