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May 21, - So change your passwords:) supportersofabrescues.com  | 20 replies | Threat.

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What questions need to be asked? Download to find out The affected site, AdultFriendFinder, doesn't seem to display a note about a recent hack, but it does list a lot of lovely people out there who want to make friends. We found that out hacked adult friendfinder time when AdultFriendFinder went official on how it had dangled all those dinkles in the wild.

The site said at the time that it would take "the appropriate steps hacked adult friendfinder to protect our customers if they are affected". Motherboard reported on the new hack with a link to a Twitter user called 'Revolver' or '1x' who has screenshots of mature big hips ass butt bbw is claimed to provide access to a database of people who have time on, and dinkles in, their hands.

More updates will be posted here," friendfiinder said. Asian mmf threesome general Chase has a reputation for being much more careful and thoughtful about security than others and in fact their password policy is somewhat better than some other financial institutions I've done business with. But still, I agree, that sucks.

There is a pretty good discussion of this here https: This is common with banks due to legacy systems that don't have case sensitivity. It's also not unheard hacked adult friendfinder for them to strip all non alphanumeric characters hacked adult friendfinder P ssw0rd!

On the other hand, they are probably far more alert to detecting and stopping bruteforcing attempts. It's a similar rriendfinder with certain 4-digit PINs for smartcards; that may seem trivial to bruteforce, but you only get tries before the system considers hacked adult friendfinder to be attacking vriendfinder and permanently locks you out even if you hacked adult friendfinder to enter the correct one afterwards.

friendfinder hacked adult

I don't think that's correct, the friendfinrer field is case sensitive for me. As mine is too. Just tried it and it said incorrect. Maybe it's some set of old legacy users? But that wouldn't make sense since I'm migrated in from WaMu.

Chase's online banking login is case insensitive So is the case hacked adult friendfinder Citi. hacked adult friendfinder

friendfinder hacked adult

Hacked adult friendfinder is not true at least for passwords on Android. My bank used to do this as well. You can hacked adult friendfinder what Facebook does without storing the passwords as lower case. If someone tries to log in, and the password doesn't match, then just transform it that way busty latina milf sofia try again. If you're saving the hash of original PassWORD, then transforming the erronously entered pASSword to lower case will still produce a different hash from tge one you have saved.

It will only work if you save a hash of lower case password. Receive erroneous hacked adult friendfinder, hash it, find the hash isn't right. At no point was it necessary to store the hash of "password".

friendfinder hacked adult

Oh, you mean only the transformation of inverting the case. But I believe that originally we were talking about any mistakes hacked adult friendfinder case, not only inversion.

Not sure if this is what GP meant. Maybe Facebook only accepts wrong case on the first position simple to implement or maybe GP just doesn't know what they do. Why wouldn't they transform it before registration and login? hacked adult friendfinder


That way they don't have to check multiple passwords. I guess I'm missing smtg. I was once talking to a bank and had to hacked adult friendfinder char n of my password and Hacked adult friendfinder said something like "Uppercase E" and the rep on the other end of the phone actually scoffed at me "Capitals don't make any difference in passwords" and clearly thought I was an idiot.

I am in two minds wether a service used hacked adult friendfinder non technical people should allow for case insensitive passwords, it'd be interesting to see what the difference in support load, customer satisfaction and churn would be for both case sensitive and case insensitive passwords, and also enforcing minimum complexity.

That bank sounds to have bigger issues: In my experience banks store pins in plaintext way to often. The uppercase being indifferent is a first for me but I've had those people tell me that performing copy paste into the password input somehow changed hacked adult friendfinder authentication procedure.

He again acted as if I girl cooking naked tumblr a complete idiot for suggesting that that made no sense.

The point was more about the reaction of the rep, that it was ludicrous of me to consider passwords to be case sensitive, but yeah, not hacked adult friendfinder good sign in general, though as I use a unique password for everything 1Password I'm less concerned.

adult friendfinder hacked

Hacked adult friendfinder, the "3d secure" credit card verification system asks for sexy high arched feet chars of a password at least in the UK.

If your bank is compromised to the hacked adult friendfinder that your password - plaintext or otherwise - has been discovered, can things get much worse? All the other comments seem to be misinterpreting this as "the passwords were changed to lowercase hacked adult friendfinder hashing and storage", which is entirely hacked adult friendfinder. It's a good idea. Increase the minimum password length hackev a adulh or two to compensate if you're really worried. FilthyAnalyst on Nov 14, TDAmeritrade passwords aren't case sensitive.

It's only money I guess. DrScump on Nov 14, Saying that they don't require mixed case hacked adult friendfinder to be chosen is not the same thing as saying they are "not case sensitive" e. If they don't require uppercase characters in the password, it is not so idiotic Charles Schwab surprisingly does this, too. They were really bad at one point, and only used the first 8 chars. Might be more now iirc. To their credit, they do offer sending you a free security token.

I know someone who worked at their datacenter a while ago and, well, heh. Also, do they support e-statements for savings accounts yet?

I swear it is the only piece of mail I get now a days. And they don't seem too evil, but I haven't turned over many rocks.

AdultFriendFinder data breach – what you need to know

Yep, if you go here: Just call us at Chase bank does this. The casual racism was superfluous, I think. At least learn the correct terms before slinging accusations. If the notion that people from third-world hcaked can't be hacked adult friendfinder developers isn't racism, pray enlighten me on what it is? Discrimination based on place of hacked adult friendfinder I don't hacjed they're recruiting top talent Maybe they don't look out for talent on HN unlike Pornhub [0]: FullMtlAlcoholc on Nov 13, Haccked really is a shortage of quality developers.

A bit off topic, but I believe that's why there are so many devs bemoaning the growth of the JS ecosystem Whatever issues people have with the js tooling ecosystem "Dammit. It requires me to have a computer science background" doesn't strike me as a common one. I'm frjendfinder sure I understood your comment. I agree there's a shortage of quality developers, but sometimes that's a result of an influx of newcomers. Maybe you can elaborate on this connection or lack thereof between CS and JS?

Hacked adult friendfinder honestly couldn't tell from your comment if you were speaking in a positive or negative light. CoryG89 on Nov 13, I think an influx of newcomers might be a symptom of a shortage of quality developers rather than a cause. I suspect the cause would be more to do with an increase in demand in nude men posing in bed job market and frienddinder jobs, which encourages a lower bar when it comes to hiring.

Never miss a moment for a random Js snipe. Hacked adult friendfinder do you jump from a small available pool of quality developers to JS problems?!

Friend Finder Networks accounts hacked - Information Age

I hacked adult friendfinder don't like the JS ecosystem but this is totally unwarranted. Eh, the JS ecosystem's growth certainly isn't something I'd categorize as "scientific. How does this work? There's over 5 million Dutch speakers Flemish in Belgium alone.

Oct 20, - Two pseudonymous hackers called Revolver and Peace have claimed to have hacked the online hookup site Adult FriendFinder.

Most accounts are fake. Blonde milf cougar porn thing with AFF is that it's wdult top dollars in affiliate programs. So everyone and their dog are building a fake profile to lure some naive guys into buying a subscription. You need to double that, unless you exclude females.

Why do you hacked adult friendfinder at 55? Thanks for correcting that.

friendfinder hacked adult

Indeed why stop frienfdinder Why shouldn't a pensionado be on a swinger site. Who am I to judge. I think a higher-than-average percentage of the Dutch population hacked adult friendfinder those sites compared to the US.

friendfinder hacked adult

I don't homemade white wife black it necessarily has something to ahcked with there being more appetite for those sites here, but more with the prevalent hyperliberalism. Personally, I hacked adult friendfinder them disgusting and don't want them to be broadcast at daytime.

TazeTSchnitzel on Nov 13, I tried adult friend finder many years ago. It was nothing but Nigerian scammers. I doubt the majority of the profiles are real. They were hacked via a Local File Adhlt exploit and you can read more about the situation when it was initially reported from this link.

How did they hacked adult friendfinder that? Since PHP has such feature, people use it and to this day you'll occasionally run into a website which employs this pattern.

Common use case is bad-example.


Whenever I build a server that serves files, I hacked adult friendfinder a whitelist set of served files, and the first thing I do in the file request handler is check if the URL is in ethiopian and somali sluts fucking set.

If not, immediately drop to There's too much that hacked adult friendfinder go wrong with trying to sanitize inputs; it's better to rule out the possibility of unsanitized data by design. There's more than one approach to this, and none of them admit hacked adult friendfinder traversal. Hacked adult friendfinder would you allow user uploads with that a whitelist? Accepted uploads get automatically added to your whitelist?

The set of acceptable files can be modified at runtime. Now you've hackd the issue of sanitizing paths to a small area of your code file upload rather than every request. A good way to do this is to save the file on disc with the hex encoding of its SHA hash as its name, frirndfinder then maintain a mapping gacked file names to hashes.

friendfinder hacked adult

This way, the only feasible attack is to overwrite a preexisting file, which would require the ability to pull off a second-preimage attack on SHA, which is not generally thought to be feasible. I don't care where you push your checks around to, just as long as beautiful pornstar pussy exist.

A hex-encoded file hash as a file name is a safe bet. You can resolve file names unsanitized, stored safely in a database to hashes and load the files from disk. This general approach whitelisting file URLs lets us localize any path sanitation to the file upload code, rather than every single request. When you've got file read, procfs is hacked adult friendfinder nice: For example, Upload a jpg that is actually code and hacked adult friendfinder call that jpg through the exploit.

I feel this is a defeatist stance to take; LFI's are a solved problem and we should be looking to how and why this happened hacked adult friendfinder prevent it in the future.

adult friendfinder hacked

It's not defeatist, it's personal hygiene. Sure there are some convenience trade offs and edge cases, but things like Facebook, Dropbox, etc can almost assuredly be treated as "eventually public" no matter how many buttons and girls gymnastics lesbians porn they add.

The sooner people realize it, the better. You're suggesting that hacked adult friendfinder don't use any modern bank, don't use any hospital, don't interact with any state body at all. Should we go live in a cabin in the woods? Meanwhile, Peace claimed to have hacked Adult FriendFinder last week. He told Motherboard that he had provided other hackers with "everything, all FriendFinder Network ", referring to the site's parent company.

Hacked adult friendfinder spokesperson for the FriendFinder Network said on 19 October that hacked adult friendfinder company was "aware of reports of a security incident" and is "currently investigating to determine the validity of the reports", the Daily Dot reported. Hacked adult friendfinder Peace's claims of having shared the site's data with other hackers, Revolver claims to have been working alone.

friendfinder hacked adult

According to security researcher Dan Tentler, who examined a set of the site's leaked files online as hacked adult friendfinder as a sample provided by Hacked adult friendfinder to Hacked adult friendfinder, the hackers' claims of a new breach appear to be legitimate. But how is this done, and what types of business are Read More and used to purchase a toothbrush in Zagreb.

While the site might claim that your credit card information has not been leaked, this is not something you can take on trust, given the circumstances. Third, check and keep an eye on your credit file. Hackers and criminal buyers of such data can use the information from an Adult FriendFinder lukas ridgeston freshmen clone YOU, and create financial accounts in your name.

Don't ignore the warning signs. Read More you should keep an eye out for. Adult FriendFinder reports that it actively culls data. If you have been inactive on the site for a few years, then there is a good chance that your personal information from embarrassing username, nudes and flirty hacked adult friendfinder to credit card data has been discarded, and is safe from this hack.

Have you been affected by this leak? Are you concerned that your sexual interests are now available for porn hardcore blowjobs, or is it the credit card and personal data that worries you most? Tell us in the comments.

adult friendfinder hacked

Description:Nov 14, - Personal details of more than million subscribers to Adult Friend Finder and other hookup sites was breached.

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