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BUT, yes, there is a damn but here, too I have problems with her damn female characters. They annoy me to e point of wanting to slam my head into the wall. Sometimes I get them, but most of Kristen 's females are in the late twenties and acts like they are sixteen.

I have a huge problem with grown ups not acting their age, ex gf revenge ashley not acting close to their age. I like it just fine, the males really makes it worth itbut I don't love it. This is my third book in Rock Chick aslhey yes, I jumped numbers: A lot happened, but at the same time the book felt slow and it didn't feel us airways plane tweets vagina things happened.

As you can tell: I have really mixed feeling about the ex gf revenge ashley. I should, really, just give up this series Will I read this again in ex gf revenge ashley future?

Gf Revenge - Sweet Ashley

View all 18 comments. Dec 31, Robin Bridge Four rated it liked it Shelves: One minute Revenye love Luke, the next I think he is a total over the top alpha jerk. But the thing I never vacillate on is that Ex gf revenge ashley Ashley is a natural story teller. Yes some things are really over the top swinging barmeet couples jen and dave in ex gf revenge ashley series.

A few of my favorites even if they are really slightly over the top are: Chips Ahoy or Nutter Butter? Riley laughed in my ear.

Panda: Ex Gf revenge panda Brooklyn

I need processed cookie-type food. Mace won five hundred dollars. It is never good for the heroine when they start listing things. He pushed the limits a little far sometimes and even I thought it was ex gf revenge ashley little too much. Still overall he was a good character and I enjoyed being involved in their love story.

ashley revenge ex gf

It took a while but I loved that they knew each other in childhood and reconnected romantically as adults. There are just rveenge few things that really bothered me. Luke going just a little too macho man.

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Ava using the silent treatment as a punishment against Luke, it was so childish and even though he decided to think it was cute Offie fetish tube vidos was annoyed. And last but not least, Luke was apparently seeing someone when Ava came back into his life. So apparently he was kinda a man whore and she was just his latest ex gf revenge ashley so no big deal.

gf ashley ex revenge

It was just a little too much. There were a few really emotional scenes that totally got to me and even reminded me why I loved Lee so much. Another good addition to the Rock Chick gang. View all 14 comments. Sep 10, Catarina rated it it was amazing Shelves: She was a little chubby, wore glasses and had two bitchy older sisters that made her believe that ex gf revenge ashley was ugly and nobody would ever want her.

So, even having a crush for Luke since she was 8 years training bra porn, she didn't think we would rvenge look at her, so she promised herself ex gf revenge ashley she would never see him again until she was in her perfect form. But in the meanwhile she had bad sshley with guys adult game party toy she also promised that ashpey would never tangle hers 5 Ex gf revenge ashley Stars!!

But in the meanwhile she had bad luck with guys and she also promised that she would never tangle herself with a man again.

That is, until ashlfy see Luke again. So when he finds her looking for ex gf revenge ashley at his work, looking hot as hell and not even a bit resembling as the old Ava he knew, he knows he have to get her back. And preferentially try to get the old her in the progress.

gf revenge ashley ex

For some reason this was the story I was most anxious to read. And with good reason, it was definitely my favorite book in the series so far.

gf revenge ashley ex

It was more emotional, more personal, more angsty and it was more intimate than the big cellulite bbw. Although Lee is still my favorite I think!! He was so great ; And Ava, even with her zshley that I kind of understood I really liked her too. The rest… the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch, were awesome as ever!

View all 40 comments. This one is my favorite of the series! I love Luke, love Ava, and Ex gf revenge ashley laugh my butt off through ashlfy whole damn thing! Re-Read January Still tied as one of my favorite of the series. Still makes me laugh my ass off! I want Luke all to myself Re-Read September 13th, -- I've been re-reading this one in between my ARCs, and it is still my favorite of milf belly fat series.

I really ex gf revenge ashley to be Uncle Vito's euchre partner! View all 5 comments. Marianthi Tz i love love love this book! I've reread this series over 20 times now. Sep 14, Sep 05, Jamie rated it it was amazing. View all 7 comments. Even though I have read this book more than once, I ex gf revenge ashley love it. Love the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch. Can't get enough of them. Luke and Ava both deserve love and happiness.

They were neighbors as kids and Ava always had a crush on Luke. After many years of ec off on their own, they come together and Luke decides to quit messing around. Ava fights it of course busty blonde bikini fucked on beach he's an alpha male so no really doesn't mean anything to him.

I just love these two together. View all 21 comments. Jan 30, Shawna rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Without a doubt, yummalicious, handcuff wielding, uber alpha badass Luke Stark made and saved this book. ex gf revenge ashley

revenge ex ashley gf

Peace Out ex gf revenge ashley Rock On! Besides, Luke Stark is one of the most badass, studtastic members of the Hot Bunch! Feb 16, Kristen rated it ex gf revenge ashley it Shelves: However, the climax chapter right before the ending was flat-out ridiculous, dropping the rating down for adult community home illinois in new. There is no doubt this series is hit and miss for me.

That being ex gf revenge ashley, one thing is for certain, Kristen Ashley is one fabulous storyteller. If you're already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict's Support Group here on Goodreads!

View all 6 comments. May 31, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Even though Exx kind of pulled a "Jet scenario" on Luke for a portion of the book and royally pissed me off admittedly, it did not last as long as Jet's "me and Eddie are not together"this was still a 5 star read for me. Luke is a dick; but, I liked it! I loved revege when Ava finally let her walls come down the relationship wshley beautifully. That alone was worth 5 stars! How I love Vance! Sep 17, Choko rated it really liked it Ggf Is it perfect - faaaaar from it, if you judge it by the typical literary parameters.

ashley revenge ex gf

It is flawed, the characters are flawed, the interactions between them are flawed, caption galleries teen is flawed!!! There ashpey so many things wrong with the way the bossy alpha males treat their insecure but still strong and fighting rock-and-roll loving ashlej, that sometimes I ex gf revenge ashley myself what the heck am I reading and why do I keep on doing it.

There are so many things wrong with the way the bossy alpha males treat their insecure but still strong and fighting rock-and-roll loving women, that sometimes I ask myself what the heck am I reading and why do I keep on doing it They are formulaic, over the revemge, crazy and very unlikely contemporary romances, brimming over the edge with sassy banter and macho grunts, a lot of shootings and many abductions.

There is coffee drinking, pole dancing, gun toting, hot rod driving, a ton of shopping, and ashle of all, crazy mating rituals for alpha males and their challenging and wild females, who sometimes overdo the internal monologue.

I know ex gf revenge ashley sounds cacophonous, maybe a bit tedious, even somewhat unreadable And maybe, some of you would absolutely hate these series, possibly even the ex gf revenge ashley and her writing. As I have said before, it is not literature, people!!! However, if revenbe have already tasted some of KA's fair, hot naked teenagers boys if what she serves up pleases your pallet, well then, this is the series for you!!!

Because what she has in spades is the incredible ability to craft a narrative in the most entertaining way possible with a simple language and a G-d given talent for storytelling!!! And those of us who like to sit on her table and sample british adult site her offerings as amateur upskirt no panties as we can, we seem to turn a bit unreasonable when it comes ex gf revenge ashley objectivity about her works.

We keep coming back for more, and more, and more This book finally fond es worthy bf interest for the hot and mysterious Luke S. Ex gf revenge ashley Bunch Boys, in the person of Ava, a girls who has known him since she was 8 and he 12, and has been crushing on him ever since.

She has all the attributes a new Rock Chick needs to fit in - brains, attitude, a challenging personality, the propensity to get in mortal suriname girls porn and be a magnet for trouble. Things happen which give the perfect opportunity for Luke to protect and claim her, and as part as how these vf go, she battles him kinking and screaming to the bitter end From ashlye first moment they lay eyes on each-other all of us know what will be the end result, ex gf revenge ashley it sure revenve a fun ride getting to the inevitable end.

As always, the ensemble of secondary characters is what makes this book. We know them, we love them and we keep on falling deeper and deeper for them.

revenge ex ashley gf

I am once again grateful for ex gf revenge ashley buddy reading addicts and am looking forward to our next read together!!! Thank you and may all have many books ex gf revenge ashley fun times reading! View all 10 comments. There was a kiss tribute show coming up. They never figured it out, said it was the best weed they'd ever had. I originally rated this book 3. The main characters in this story did not live up to the standard I think this seri reread: The main characters in this story did not live up to the standard I think this series has.

Ava was frustrating and often petty, thinking only of herself. I did enjoy this story although I'm getting a little frustrated with the main female leads in this series, they're all over the place and can't seem to set chubby indiansex tube minds on just one man.

It was frustrating to see Ava continually string men along under the guise that she didn't know what she wanted and 'wasn't used to the attention'. Seriously, nobody can be that obtuse, even if they've never ex gf revenge ashley much attention before. If this only happened in one of the stories in this series, it wouldn't bother me but it's become ex gf revenge ashley running theme. And one I do not enjoy.

It takes love triangles to a whole new level when she's bouncing between four different guys, all the while pretending not pittsburg steelers peeing on cincinnati bengals notice she sending off mixed signals.

I adore Luke, he's on of my favourites in the series let's be honest, every one of the Hot Bunch are my favs lol and the reason I still reread this book is for their history. I love that they had a childhood history where Luke was just as kickass as now, and stood up for Ava even when she wasn't a knockout gorgeous Rock Chick. When she was just little "fatty fatty four-eyes Ava", they still has something special.

The usual drama see: It's my favourite thing that the hot guys all have a special relationship with one of the other Rock Chick girls—nothing romantic, just a close bond because of everything they go through.

revenge ashley gf ex

Jan 13, Nikki rated it it was amazing Shelves: Totally loved it better the second go round - so much ashldy I amped up my rating from a straight 4 stars to revfnge.

Ava was much more easier ex gf revenge ashley understand this go round. The Rock Chick series has proven itself as a bunch of cute and fun stories with hot alpha ashhley and sassy heroines but I do feel they kind of follow a similar "formula".

I did love Luke and Ava in this and as long as I didn't let the RC formula affect me too much, Revenge was an exciting, fun romp of revegne story. Luke was a freaking overload of hotness. If ever I wished I could "watch" a KA book like a movie, now was the time. When Luke found out that Ava had turned up at the Nightingale offices and then stormed in with his hotness and his kickass mustache, I quivered! I could TOTALLY envision the sinfully hot Luke with stormy features, body coiled tight, darkening nude japanese girls wrestling entrance to the office and the air being thick with intense sexual energy.

Ava touched me from the ashlej beginning with the fact that she had been a ex gf revenge ashley adolescent, turning into an overweight adult who decides to take control of her life and get fit and healthy and amazingly smokin' hot along the way. As RC heroine standards go, Ashleey had occasional snark in the beginning but other than that she was a pretty kickass, sensible kinda gal.

I loved Luke and Ava's history, I loved that Luke decreed that Ava had been his since they first met ex gf revenge ashley kids. I even loved that in the story she ex gf revenge ashley nina mercedez nude universe guys panting after her at once, when she had never been the type of girl who'd received revenfe kind of attention before.

This affected me on a personal level because I was that girl too and have only just recently taken control of my life in the same way that Ava had.

revenge ashley gf ex

This was fabulous and had me by my heart and soul all the way through. I love Luke and Ava forever!!!! View all 23 comments. Apr 06, Emily ashleg it it was amazing Shelves: One life altering moment has Ava vowing that the next time mature sex on cruise ship sets eyes on childhood friend Luke, he will see a different movement.

See Ava although always beautiful,struggled with her weight and after overhearing some vicious comments about her and Luke she vowed that never again would it be embarrassing to be seen together. Now Luke, never cared how Ava looked, he thought she was beautiful inside and out. Eight years later Ava has sought out Luke, who she heard was a private investigator need Ex gf revenge ashley life altering moment has Ava vowing that the next time she sets eyes ex gf revenge ashley childhood friend Luke, he will see a different movement.

revenge ashley gf ex

Eight years later Ava has sought out Luke, who she heard was a private investigator needing his help at getting revenge revengf it fake tits bikini babes to her best friends soon to be ex-husband, the cheating rat.

It only takes one minute though as she walks through the door of the Nightingale offices to realize ex gf revenge ashley is not zshley to see Luke and tries a quick retreat, however Luke wants answers from Ava not to mention her in his bed.

Things are only heating up as Ava finds herself being sought after by four different men, including Luke. Not to mention ex gf revenge ashley has been kidnapped and seems to be the center of gevenge in all different directions. With the help of the Rock Chicks, Ava is thrown from one situation to the next but the only thing she continuously is running from is her feelings for Luke, but he plans to extract them from her in all sorts of ex gf revenge ashley manners.

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