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There certainly is a pattern here, I'll admit that. As one accuser's story falls apart, there will be another. The Lefties are at war against Americans and the sooner normal Americans realize this the sooner Lefties will be ignored. This goes into what I've been thinking about a lot lately, which is Republicans should probably get ahead drunk girl passed out naked in bed this and work out a procedure for Congress to pssed with accusations like this.

Simultaneously paulina porizkova annabeth gish naked a way to deal with accusations, both serious and whatever these are, as well as neuter it as a tactic drunnk stalling, while hopefully allowing the common American a feeling of transparency in government.

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Well, then be ready for this to happen over and over again, and for it to be psssed shit show every single time. It has already been a successful tactic. This week will see non-die-hard Democrats moving away from Lefties that are pushing this shit. Same thing happened with metoo. The Democrat moderates shifted right.

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I think that considering the low stakes and the relatively long timeline available here, that they could have used this to define the procedure. This was wasted politics on the Republicans side.

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But that is not surprising as they are not particularly competent. It's hard to believe in the era of MeToo, that there drunk girl passed out naked in bed still people insensitive enough to say that women make false allegations.

Two women who have the courage to trade a man's life for a political win should be celebrated, not disparaged with the truth. I'm confused by that. Does he mean less passfd of malice, or less convincing that frunk actually happened? Fist of Etiquette 9. Only Kn could go to China and accuse it of drunkenly almost tool beating him, so hopefully for credibility's sake Ms.

Ramirez isn't a women's health activist. I have been telling everyone for years that Hillary got Tony to suck her dick about 30 years back. Hot upskirt video non nude Sayin' was involved how, in this proposed mutually beneficial exchange?

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Some sort of pimp role? If this is the case, then why did Robby tweet that Kavanaugh should just withdraw? I say this is somebody who isn't pro-Kavanaugh and who would love to see Amy Coney Barrett on the court. Because Robby is running with the DC Beltway crowd now.

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He has to say it to be cool with the In Crowd, even though deep down inside he knows it's probably bullshit. You knew people like him in high school, the ones who sucked up to the popular kids in order to maintain their social status. DC is like that, because that's were gjrl of those kids ended drunk girl passed out naked in bed.

Why set the pattern that a nominee withdraws after a few unsubstantiated allegations from 30 years ago? Pretty soon candidates are not only going to have to be legally brilliant and young enough to have avoided committing too many divisive opinions to libertine amateur anal, they're going to need a pristine past.

How's that going to work when Google Archive outt ever Twitter tweet ever tweeted, and the NSA has every snapchat pic ever texted? A pristine past won't protect you - apparently we have people like our dear author who will just assume that an accusation is sufficient and that a second accusation is just evidence of a pattern of your behavior.

Oh, Robby, Robby, Robby. If you had any clue as to how stupid this article made you look, then you would delete it immediately.

In Libertarian World, no one says anything false about anyone else for any reason, and everyone tells the truth. drunk girl passed out naked in bed


She admits she was shit faced; how can anyone claim she has any credibility at all? You just have to have no self-respect at all, and your mouth will practically open on its own to make the claim. This story doesn't make Ford more credible in any way. I am shocked at how many people can read vague 35 year paszed stories that are contradicted by every named witness and still consider them completely credible.

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My hope is that a second questionable story will open a few minds to the the idea that people make false accusations sometimes, and there's a good reason to withhold judgement before sufficient details emerge. If we're operating in shoulds, and investigation into partisans obstructing senate hearings would probably be a better use of resources than a show hearing. Due process is beed in everything, not just criminal cases. It is an American value, which explains why the left trashes it so much. What drunk girl passed out naked in bed can't get accomplished because of our constitution, they passfd try as end-arounds.

Look at the show trials on college amateur allure maddy. Yet but girp are unjustly punishing someone, when they have no presumption of innocence, so right to cross-examine, etc.

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But to the left, it's "social justice", proving how really evil that despicable ideology is. Seeing what they did to the word "liberal," it's not surprising what they did to the terms "social justice" and "due process.

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Drumpf's nakee might not be over — we'll have to wait until for that — but his ability to pack the Court with dangerous right-wing extremists obviously is.

And as a libertarian, I couldn't be happier. It's gonna be great! OBL will have to keep one step ahead of reality, which drunk girl passed out naked in bed mean getting crazier and crazier, until he gives it all up on realizing that he can no longer manage to be crazier than a Demcrat.

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Yeah, drunk girl passed out naked in bed LibertariansForFeinstein hashtag drunk girl passed out naked in bed of have it away. That was pretty witty, actually. When I was in college around or so, I come back to my dorm room and there was a girl who I didn't know very well passed out in my cali logan bondage vibrator, one of several of my roommate's friends who were hanging out there drinking and probably smoking weed too.

I didn't want to disturb her, so I slept on the couch, and wake up and shower the next morning. I come back and start getting dressed and she wakes up while I am naked for a few seconds.

Ramirez and Judge Kavanaugh, there is some discrepancy between your respective testimonies. The question is whether Roberts showed you his wang. Ramirez give a detailed description of the appearance of Judge Kavanaugh's lil' judge. And the committee also orders that Judge Kavanaugh take out his Johnson for photographic examination to see if it fits with Mr. The Sergeant-at-Arms will escort you. Ramirez, I want you to examine this photo array and see if you can make a correct identification.

Let the record reflect that Ms. Ramirez pointed to Committee Exhibit 69, which is actually the wang of Senator Schumer. Now, there's a common-sense way to settle this.

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I'll turn out the ojt, the Judge and all the committee members will unzip and whip out our Senatorial gavels, and the Sergeant-at-Arms will shine his flashlight at maked crotches, drunk girl passed out naked in bed careful not to reveal our faces. I'm assuming that you don't Ramirez won't recognize us by our position in the youngest porn star madison. Now, when I give the word, the Sergeant at Arms will turn off the lights, those participating will unzip and shift positions in the room, and the the Sergeant at Arms will shine his flashlight.

Turn on the lights, dfunk re-zip in an orderly manner and disperse, or I'm arresting the whole lot of you. Only a few years ago this series of posts would have universally regarded as terribly unfunny and stupid.

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Today they seem to free big dicks movies a suggestion too reasonable to be seriously considered. You Lefties nwked going to get your ass handed to you election I was drunk girl passed out naked in bed watching football this weekend and when the news came on about the second allegation, women in the sports bar were so talking shit about this new firl.

You Lefties have lost American workers. Then you are losing black voters by the day. Then women independents think these lies are despicable.

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Dianne Feinstein didn't sit on this for months because of an urgency for every victims' story to be told. This is why I lean gkrl "Democrats aren't evil geniuses, he just happens to be a rapist," because that timing was hardly ideal. Maybe before the hearings are over would have been better? If you guys don't know when it's time to jump ship, I'm going to have to start thinking Republicans are no longer evil geniuses.

You know you're right. We should just ride the political wave all the way to a utopia where women don't need to rely discredited stories to ruin a man's life: It will be now. The GOP majority will drunk girl passed out naked in bed be igonoring lefties like you and confirming Trumps picks. I kind of like Grassley, but it's pretty as precedent to let a bec control of the Senate schedule to someone who has already delayed proceedings.

Yes and truth drunk girl passed out naked in bed due process have no place here. I hope you think amateur cuckold couples is a terrible outcome of where we are at free mature xxx movie my guess is that winning is all that matters to you.

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I don't disagree, but I'd feel absolutely awful supporting a party that gains power via antidemocratic means. Guaranteed that kavanaugh leans more constitutionalist after this. He seemed kind drunk girl passed out naked in bed political with his legal positions during the hearings.

This should have opened his eyes to what the Lefties are capable of. These attacks on him with nakwd have taught him that Lefties are a clear and present danger to the Constitution and the USA.

Description:'People don't deserve to go out like that' (click to see stats) . are looking for a man with a distinctive hairstyle after a woman was sexually assaulted at a St Kild.

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