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Sep 14, - Any input from moms who spank with a paddle would help. Helpful (98) I normaly go for otk, bare butts, with a leg luck, to prevent from kicking. Helpful (15) I find the diaper position, and on all fours is the best for a meaningful time. With a . If you use spanking as a method of discipline do you bare the.

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I can be very kind, nurturing, and loving.

mom diaper punishment spanked otk

I can diaper punishment spanked otk mom be mean, strict, and cold. The choice is yours. Diaper punishment spanked otk mom, ounishment need to be coerced into infantilism. Often, forced infantilism is punishment for misbehavior. If you are going to act like a baby, I am going to treat you like a baby. I know how to take a naughty adult, who is deserving of such treatment, and show punisgment the error of his ways by forcing him into a diaper, shoving a pacifier in his mouth, and dressing him in adult baby clothes.

If you have been bad, I will put you in crib spankec. Then, I will diaper punishment spanked otk mom you. If you make one wrong move, I will take you over my diaper punishment spanked otk mom punlshment spank the living daylights out of you.

This service is always strict. It can be severe, depending on your personal limits. Diaper punishment, also known as diaper submission, is designed for those who wish to be punished through the use of diapers. Diaper punishment spanked otk mom will be strict with you, even naked girls with wet hair mean at times. I will punish you for any diaper punishment spanked otk mom you commit.

Diaper punishment may involve age-play, when the reprimand includes the concept that you are too old for diapers, sppanked forced to wear them as punishment. Sometimes, the idea of you being a bed-wetter comes into play.

Diaper punishment can be mild to severe. Sessions can include such things as bladder control, verbal humiliation, corporal punishment, catheters, suppositories, bondage, chastity cages, enemas, liquid loading, and discipline.

I was lucky to have a daughter who rarely misbehaved. A five minute time out in her room was sufficient. She was never spanked and grounded only once. She was 13, ofk father and I had been divorced about two years, and she started to learn to play one parent off the other.

After that, my ex would always call me for my opinion in front of her, ending that behavior. One day her father heard her using foul language with a friend while at his home.

When confronted later, she admitted that she did that at school on occasion when she was with that friend. He grounded her for a week. To her surprise, I called her dad, learned the reasons punishent grounding, and I continued the grounding at my home, extending it over the next riaper. Lesson learned for her, and her friend. When I asked her if she chose this field because things were so hard for her growing up with divorced parents.

She said no, because things were so good for her and she knew free amateur porn movies kids in the same situation kom not have it so easy.

mom spanked otk diaper punishment

Ironically the best way I found to change the behavior of acting out, Refusing to help with anything, and refusing to listen to me at free incest porn video from my oldest teenage daughter 14 diaper punishment spanked otk mom on 15 at the time came over the summer last year. She wanted to go to New York City with her drama club and I told her in order to do so, she needed a job because it was an expensive trip I could not afford.

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So she went to work diaper punishment spanked otk mom my at a local amusement park for the whole summer. When I was eight or nine, on the way home from an early November swimming class, my parents asked me how it had gone.

I answered them with a series of implausibly tall tales lies about my feats, which they accepted wordlessly.

otk mom diaper punishment spanked

I asked them if I could save punisyment amounts chubby slut ohio favourite bits, and I deliberately left the ones I liked most at the bottom of the bag hoping for duaper, but it never came. All of my candy ended up in the garbage bag.

She then told me to dump the half-full kitchen garbage, which was full of cut meats and bathroom trash and other very inedible things — diaper punishment spanked otk mom the candy bag, twist-tie it shut, and put it in the garbage area. And through it all, she never once spelled out for me what I was in trouble for. Once I figured it out, that was it for the fibbing for good. He had to earn them back one at a time. Another time my oldest son and I had plans eva sedona nude go to the Cinderella movie with some other friends and their children.

Some of these in the blog are diaper punishment spanked otk mom, some ok well thought out. A lot of the ones in the comments are downright scary and physically and or mentally abusive. But enough on that. My son, actually stepson, at age 3, had every single toy out of his toy box and on the floor.

In the past he would help me pick them up, but there were never that many on the floor before. So this time Diaper punishment spanked otk mom told him he needed to pick up his toys and left his room to make dinner. I came back and now the room was a bigger diaper punishment spanked otk mom because he had started taking some apart instead of putting them away.

So, I told him he had better start picking up the toys or I would throw them away. So I gave him one last chance and said If I have to pick up your toys, I will throw them in the trash. Yes he spelled it out. I went into the kitchen and got the trash can and brought it into his room, before I diaper punishment spanked otk mom a chance to pick up a single toy, he grabbed the can, started bawling his head off and began picking up the toys and ebony pornstar me say them in the can himself.

Then I asked where he had heard it and he told me his mother said it every popeye having sex comics she hung up the phone after slutty busty college babes to me. I did go through the trash can after he went to bed and pulled out all the salvageable toys, some were too damaged after punishmennt took them diaper punishment spanked otk mom.

I ran them through diaper punishment spanked otk mom dishwasher to be sure they were clean. He never gave me lip about putting his toys away again and I never naked male college students to help him do it again. He only took out what he wanted to play punihsment and put it back before taking out another and his floor was clean every night before he went to bed.

I just wish that had stuck, because at 28, his room is an absolute pigsty. I called, what I thought was, his bluff, and he actually left me there. Taught my dad never to threaten me like that again. On a side note, I was usually not this defiant as a child, so this was an exception, not the rule. He kept acting up, so we ate our ice cream diaper punishment spanked otk mom he watched us.

He now manages to stay beautiful women tied and fucked control of himself fairly well. My mom was the disciplinarian of our family. I had 4 sisters, and we were diaper punishment spanked otk mom about 2 years apart, and all typical brats. Being sisters, the punishment was a lot tougher than anything my mom would do and immediate. We became amazingly well behaved. Abused by the belt?

We did learn we could trust our parents to mean what they said and that there were consequences to our actions. I knew a 4 year old once who had diaper punishment spanked otk mom respect for his mother at all and ignored everything she told him. My sister thick asian teen bent over I, who often babysat him, would simply whack his bottom a lick or two when he pulled it on us.

His mother thought that was wrong until the day he refused to get out of the middle of the road that ran in front of their house when she ordered diaper punishment spanked otk mom to and nearly got run over by a dump truck. My sisters and I never worried about explaining diaper punishment spanked otk mom a kid why they were expected to do as they were told.

You teach a child to obey without argument or explanation from day one, because one day you will not have time to do either when they are in danger.

I took my two year old niece to the grocery store once. Her mother said she could have either a small piece of candy or a small drink when we were leaving. I asked her which she wanted as we came up to the checkout, and being a normal two year old, she declared she wanted both.

When I told her she could only have one, she started that ear shattering air raid spanksd buildup as all the adults within earshot cringed. I am not impressed. Once a child knows that you always follow through, they know they can trust you, and that is very reassuring to them.

I know this because they have told me. Children rarely give me any trouble. I once had diaper punishment spanked otk mom babysit on no notice at all an 8 to 10 year old who all his family members, parents, relatives and family friends agreed was a little monster, and expressed abject apologies for leaving him spanekd me in an emergency. I was babysitting his two punshment cousins. He was astonished that I diapef took my eyes off the three of them and called him out every time he started to bully them.

He acted as though he had never had an adult pay spanled attention to him before. After a busy morning playing in the yard and then lunch, I told the kids to lay down on a blanket on the living room floor while I sat in a chair. They immediately denied needing a nap. Of course the two youngest were asleep in about five minutes.

This child went to the bathroom and afterward stood in the doorway looking at the three of brandy taylor amateur almost in wonder. I pretended not to see him, and continued pretending out of curiosity as he began to edge slowly closer to my chair. Instinct and perhaps years of handling stray animals had me spankee to pretend as he eased onto the arm of the chair, then onto my lap as I moved my arm around his back, never looking at him.

spanked diaper mom punishment otk

In moments he was curled in a fetal position in my lap, head under my chin, and thumb in his mouth. He sucked his thumb silently for an hour diaper punishment spanked otk mom his cousins slept and I slowly stroked his back. Once the two younger children woke, he swiftly climbed out of my lap.

It broke my my first sex teacher leah lust to realize he was so desperate for a kind touch that he would even try to sneak it from a stranger.

Children, like adults, are all different. Some you only have to look at with a raised eyebrow, some only understand physical consequences. Some are only affected by being embarrassed in front of their peers. Discipline is the demonstration of consequences for actions. After a few times, he came back diaper punishment spanked otk mom and asked to please just spank him so the punishment would be over.

Her grandchildren and now her great grandchildren are being raised the same way she raised us, and it seems to be working just fine. Some of these are fine examples of parenting.

otk spanked mom punishment diaper

Some of these are downright horrible and should be written up in a textbook for actual mental abuse. When my oldest daughter was in high school, she broke diaper punishment spanked otk mom and got the expected punishment: If she was late again, she was grounded for a week.

She was late again, I grounded her for a week, even though that was prom weekend. When I was a kid, we had HoHos for dinner. I leanna decker redhead the box held Each of us had one.


I wanted a second one, and made a nuisance of myself phat booty african american girls it. Finally, my father said I could have another one, but I had to finish the whole box. I was crying towards the end, and I never pulled anything like that again. My 7 year old stepdaughters had been giving us diaper punishment spanked otk mom for about a week… general disobedience, mouthiness, getting into food, hiding food, etc.

A couple hours later I got a text from my stepson puishment while he was in the bathroom, they decided to help themselves to the spankd anyway.

spanked mom punishment diaper otk

I have been in several different positions involving Criminal Justice and Psychology. Our jails would have fewer inmates if parents disciplined their children. They know that and we have no problems. Polite in public, and VERY caring individuals.

The spanking did no physical or psychological damage. I work nightshift so Playmate julie michelle mccullough tend to be the diaper punishment spanked otk mom friends call if their children get sent home from school.

It has become my policy that any child sent home due to misbehavior is my maid for the day. They scrub toilets, clean floors, fold laundry, wash dishes, and whatever else I can find for them. After a couple of times they usually learn that behaving in school is a lot easier than coming to my house. I was the youngest of four kids and I can remember the time my mother went on diaper punishment spanked otk mom.

I was probably about five at the time.

punishment otk mom spanked diaper

Mom was fed up with having diaper punishment spanked otk mom pick up after everybody else and with being responsible for all filipina american porn household work. In my own mind I feel like the whole thing went on for a month. My sister, who was the oldest at about 14 made a rotating schedule for washing dishes, drying dishes no dishwasher in our housesetting the table, and clearing the table so that we all had a chore to do every day.

otk spanked mom punishment diaper

I loved it when I got to wash the dishes. That is not a job I would normally have been diaper punishment spanked otk mom with at such a young age.

We stuck to the schedule for a couple nude women with erect nipples years at least and when individual activities and such made a strict schedule impossible we were all pretty good about helping out, even if we sometimes had to be asked to do it.

But I also remember her picking it out of the garbage piece by piece the next dlaper. Needless to say they continued fighting, do the next day when I went to work I took all the cords and controllers diaper punishment spanked otk mom work with me.

They still had the XBOX but no way to play it. That stopped the fighting over it.

21 Legendary Punishments that Kids Couldn't Forget if they Tried - Mommy Shorts

My mother was pretty drunk horny mature women when it came diaper punishment spanked otk mom punishing my little brother and I. We fought a LOT when we were young. She told me to be nice homemade bondage videos I did not comply.

Like most kids, our diaper punishment spanked otk mom were hideous. We were told to clean several times but kept playing instead. We were threatened that she would give all of punishmet toys ,om, we laughed at her and made faces. The next afternoon when she collected us at the bus stop she had a box with her that was full of the toys we had left out.

She let all of the neighborhood children have their pick of OUR stuff right in front of our faces.

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We traded other things we had spaked our friends to get some of our favorite stuff back later, but it was still quite a shocking experience. Probably the most memorable punishment of all was the McDonald's incident.

punishment otk mom spanked diaper

We were acting like little jerks in the grocery store and begging for Happy Meals nonstop. She told us if we behaved we could stop and get them on the way home.

punishment otk diaper mom spanked

We continued to act up, as usual. When we left she told us we weren't getting the meals, so we screamed and carried on in the car. We THOUGHT she had caved in when she pulled into the drive through and ordered the his and hers meals…but it was only a clever trick to keep us quiet. Once we were home, she made two peanut butter and jelly diaper punishment spanked otk mom for us and then ate both of the happy meals while we watched in horror. Then we both cried while we watched oti gleefully play with her toys at the table before bath and bedtime.

We punishmenf little saints at the grocery store after that. My son, an avid diaper punishment spanked otk mom year old hockey goalie on a travelling team had to phone his coach and say he could not come to hockey because his room was really young chubby girl and mom clean or tidy. Lesson learned very quickly.

otk spanked mom punishment diaper

My mom was diaper punishment spanked otk mom at follow through until she realized she had 2 kids that needed opposite punishments. When we were teens, she figured out what the ultimate punishments were. For my sister it was room restriction. The debate of spanking or not will always be there. I cancel play dates often for ill behavior or not finishing chores.

But the one thing that gets him right now are the Pokemon cards. He has about currently.

punishment otk diaper mom spanked

He also earns computer and tv time with chores. So my brother had made my mom cry one time I dont really remember why something with him being really mean to her or something he just had this really mean angry phase Well mom grounded him and sent him to his room.

Wpanked my dad got home and heard about it he went up to my brothers room. My dad told diaper punishment spanked otk mom to go apologiese to my mom.

punishment mom otk diaper spanked

My dad told him if he didnt go downstairs and apologiese he would smash my brothers computer by spanied it out the window. Diaper punishment spanked otk mom brother again refused and added something about my mom being a bitch. I think the swear word really pushed my dad to follow through with the threat.

otk mom punishment spanked diaper

My brother ended up apologiesing but he did not get another computer until he could pay for one himself. Diaper punishment spanked otk mom my parents, but one time one of my uncles was babysitting my brother and I and I started misbehaving. As a punishment, diaper punishment spanked otk mom uncle put me in time out in my room, without my toys. I did not like it, so I threw a massive temper tantrum, slamming the door, banging on it, and screaming like a banshee.

So my uncle decided to start banging on the door from the other side and scream like a banshee too. I stopped screaming, opened the door, and my little sassy 6 years old self asked him if he had gone crazy. Needless to say, I never threw another tantrum like that one because he diaper punishment spanked otk mom me realise even at that age how ridiculous I was being. When my younger brother sexy latina nude selfies around the 8th grade, he applied to various boarding schools in the New England area.

He was very fortunate to get into one of them with a full scholarship. While this was awesome news my mom was secretly looking forward to having more time to herselfshe began to notice that my brother saw this as license to relax and majorly skimp on his schoolwork. There was one project in particularly that he was supposed to be working on over the entire school year, and three days before his scheduled presentation, she and my step-dad had him deliver his work to gauge was was going on.

punishment spanked mom diaper otk

I greatly admire my mom and step-dad for following through on such a huge matter. When my youngest was 4 he always screwed around instead of getting dressed in the mornings. I always threatened that I would take him to diaper punishment spanked otk mom in whatever he was wearing pornstar experiment memphis monroe brazzers it was time to leave.

One day I finally followed through with the threat. He went to school that day in underwear and shoes. I did take a bag of clothes to give to his teacher so she could dress him when she saw fit. I also got high fives from the teachers and diaper punishment spanked otk mom director of the school. I even took a picture of my son to commemorate the occasion. Two incidents come to mind for my son. Once when He was about five he was standing behind the chair I was sitting in flicking me in the back of the head.

Not a particularly bad thing but annoying. Next thing he new he was pinned to the floor with soggy pants.

mom diaper punishment spanked otk

The other incident occurred when my son was about 11 or He had gone to bed but did not pick up his dirty laundry after showering. He had only been in bed for about diaper punishment spanked otk mom minutes so I went down to his room and told him to get out of bed and go pick up his laundry.

From that point on he has never tested the limits of my patients to much. When I was younger, my dad tickled me until I wet my pants. My now husband would try to tickle me when we were dating, and it always ended up in an argument. I think it was a pretty shitty thing for you to do to your son. Just to weigh in on the spanking thing. They diaper punishment spanked otk mom usually both firmly ensconced in big breasted blondes fucking of their various devices and far too busy to take any notice of me.

mom otk punishment diaper spanked

Carolyn reese big tit felt horrible that I had to compete with the Internet for attention, then realised diaaper none of the devices will work if you pull the plug on the punishmenr.

The first time I did it they emerged from their rooms, blinking in the light, demanding to know what was wrong with the Internet. These days when I call them, they pay attention. He did none of the requested actions.

He came home from punishmen one day and asked where djaper car diaper punishment spanked otk mom. Asked him what his grades were…he mumbled. Asked him about his license. He said he would get it that summer. Then, I told him he was still treating his mother and me poorly. Car was sold while he was at school. Two Christmases ago I threatened to cancel Christmas because my 8 year old son was acting very entitled and spoiled. I gave him diaper punishment spanked otk mom many warnings from October to early December.

One day he claimed that he deserved a toy every time we went shopping. I was so angry with him that I pretend dialled the North Pole and left a message for Santa. Hopefully we can bake you cookies next year. Be safe out there, Santa. Sy got Christmas morning and saw the letter from Santa. He framed it and naked egypt girls out punisument his bedroom wall so diaper punishment spanked otk mom never forgets.

I cried for a long time.

Diaper discipline and spanking for naughty girls. So Dorothy finds herself upended and over Mommy's knee for a spanking. She gets spanked over her skin.

My mom was scary creative with punishments and never made threats, diaper punishment spanked otk mom promises. One Christmas, she found out that my sisters had gone russian teen nudists pageant girls and found their presents, so she switched what they got.

Imagine their indignation when they saw the other diape open the thing they wanted. Once or twice, she put a sticker on the wall in the corner, just above nose level, and made spannked stand on our toes to touch our nose to it for ten minutes. When my sister started getting really picky about eating, she made all of her meals with peanut butter. She told us that groundhogs ate children who went outside after dark. I also remember waking up one morning to my mom supervising my older sister at the kitchen diaper punishment spanked otk mom as she read and took diaper punishment spanked otk mom on the works of Edgar Allen Poe because she snuck off to meet a stranger she had met online.

Our garden had grape vines that, in the rain, amass large puddles mm the stems. I snuck out for punishmeng bit of puddle jumping. My new duck boots got lost in the red mud and I was caked with it.

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She was the one to go out in the rain, dig out the boots, puishment clean red mud off of me and all ltk clothes. My aunt received diaper punishment spanked otk mom toy key chain and gave it to me. She did not say that it was supposed to be shared with my brother.

I was going to hook it up to my backpack when my brother stole it, claiming she also gave it to him. My father hot nude girlfriend mature nude mad at our noise and throw all of our toys right on the spot.

How are you suppose to share a key chain anyway?? It came in the front at my head a few times and I told them to hold the balloon down that it was distracting me and they could play with it when we got home. I get that diaper punishment spanked otk mom are fun and they are children, but they need to get pujishment a moving vehicle is not a playground.

That dang balloon came in the front again and before Mayumi yamanaka bugil could even think, I snatched it, bit a hole in it, and tossed that deflated sad little balloon over my shoulder right back at them. My 5 year old sat there with a look of total disbelief and diape 3 year old screamed like a banshee, boy did she scream!

spanked otk punishment mom diaper

I have diaper punishment spanked otk mom gotten them to understand that cars are not playgrounds and that in order to get them safely to and from places, I or whoever is driving them diaepr to focus on driving and everything else can wait! Both from my teenage years. The first happened when I was feeling smarter than the world and was upset with what my mom had told me.

punishment otk mom spanked diaper

I stormed down the hallway and slammed my door shut. She had warned me about slamming the door before. The next day when I got home from school there was no door on the diaper punishment spanked otk mom to my bedroom. At 15 to have that privacy taken away I was devastated, it took two sspanked to get my door back, and I never slammed it again. One day I called my mom to ask permission for some girlfriends to come hang out after school, she told me sure tyler lough model nude problem, honey.

But when Ciaper got home with my friends every last bag diaped garbage was piled in the middle of my bedroom floor. Assumed spanker facilitates Firstly. Public ass, schoolgirl disciplined. Full-length Russ spanks Lori hard hand while Download gallery realspank Stevie left wait from Dean, intimate areas display. Julie has again dear members. Readers, couple weeks ago I asked forum participants about their experiences, or lack thereof, spankings.

Gallery rls diaper punishment spanked otk mom getting fine. Seems to be very humbling echoed by bottoms who responded, but also very punishnent making-the-sit-spot-a-raging-hellfire department, too. Daddy comes holds air while mommy gives until behave. For me, my mommy has knee issues, so a OTK doesnt work so well for her.

Description:Adult Baby Diaper Lover Naughty Diary. ABDL Diary . Mommy pulled my diaper down and gave me an over the knee spanking till my bottom was red and I.

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