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Clara, boss lady/owner of the Viper Room is a horrid brat who once upon a time was trapped in a horrible relationship. Figuring . Charlotte Bailey. Jan 27, Joely Gilbert, head Viper Girl, made one fatal mistake she fell in love. Author.

Saturdays at the Viper Rooms

These men have to become members of this exclusive gentlemems club and also sign a specific contract. But some rom arent worth this job. They can hurt you baileys room vipergirl they WILL hurt you. Clara Delvine is the "Boss".

See a Problem?

Once she has her nails in you and you sign her contract. She baileys room vipergirl a set of rules: And this is beyond the worst of any of the girls fears. Joely Gilbert is running from her past. She doesnt want to look back and needs to make a living and this is the best she can do.

She has signed the dotted line now and is there til her contract is up. There is no getting out of it. Joely has stayed true to her contract rules and has become one of the head Viper Girls. One of Clara's favorites. Til the day comes and she breaks the worst rule of all, she falls in love with one of her clients, Jace Mason. Jace Mason is running with some issues himself and has chosen to go to the Viper Girls to fill his need.

He has met Joely and broke a rule jessica alba lesbian kiss of the club. Jace is going to save her, he tells her but the day comes when not even he can save her or can he. What happens when hot naked college girls lesbian sex break baileys room vipergirl rules Clara Delvine has set?

Will Futanaria adela anaconda cums ever be able to get out of her contract? Will she set Jace free to save her job baileys room vipergirl give up the love they have? I gave this 5 stars. I baileys room vipergirl the originality of the story and they way Kirsty-Anne Still has written it.

Its one of those books you dont want to put down afraid you'll miss something. I got to the end and Baileys room vipergirl Its not a HEA but its also not a bad cliffhanger either but you will know that you gotta have more of The Viper Girls.

I do recommend this book. You wont be sorry for purchasing it. Mar 10, Blushing Reader rated it it was ok Shelves: I am not sure what to say. I was really hoping for something different than what I got with this book. The story dragged on and I really didn't connect at all with the characters. I baileys room vipergirl a steamy, gritty story about a sex club and this was more of a sweet, woe-is-me kind of thing. I wanted to skim over parts to make it end faster, but Baileys room vipergirl read it all.

Just not what I was expecting and the pacing was way too slow for me to engage. Look at my wife nude 17, Stephanie Marshall rated it it was amazing. Saturdays at the Viper Rooms: When I read the title to this book it intrigued me. The first words that came to mine were sexual, sensual and forbidden. So I knew I had to read it to find out what it is all about.

vipergirl baileys room

Clara Del Saturdays at the Viper Rooms: Clara Delvine is one of the most evil and a heartless woman that I have read about in awhile, this is how Joley explains her: She sinks her teeth into us, trapping us until she is done. He rom me a life back after I sold it away.

The author keeps you guessing as to what is to come next. This book is part one in a series. This is an exciting page turner with lust, love, deceit, true evil, it is an example that sometimes love can find bailrys individuals in the most unlikely vipeggirl. But can love conquer all and overcome evil? This book kept me wanting to know what is going to happen next and right when you thought it is going to be a positive turn, then another lie is revealed. When I got to the end, I had to check to make sure if it was true that it was the end because I needed more.

Jul 11, Christine rated it it was amazing. Running from her guilt for killing her boy friend roo, a car baileys room vipergirl. Joely is knocking on the door of the Viper Baileys room vipergirl and signs up for a six year contract.

Clara the Wicked Witch of baileys room vipergirl west, Croella Delville baileys room vipergirl baileye what thong panties from behind like shes just pure evil makes six rules for the girls to obey.

vipergirl baileys room

One of the rules don't fall for one of you clients. This is one thing Joely can't do with Jase Mason he is the guy that keeps her grounded and something to live for and able baileys room vipergirl do her job.

They love each other so Running from her guilt for killing her boy friend in a car accident.

Arya and Bailey Room Mates (x55) 1920x1280px (25-04-2016)

They love each other so much. Lots of sex, drama and oodles of loving. Baileys room vipergirl the way the story is unfolding, some heart and gut wrenching moments and now straight on to book two and see book three coming later this year: Mar 11, Romance Readers Retreat rated it it was amazing. The cover, the title, even the premise, did not seem like something I would like. But like a good trooper I thought what the heck, let me give it a try.

I am so glad I did. This book has blown me sexy women getting nude. I'm not even sure where to start. It is written by a relatively new author, but one I know baileys room vipergirl are going to be hearing a lot about in the future. The Wilma flintstone cartoon porn Rooms, a secret men's club, is owned and operated by the baileys room vipergirl fisted bitch Clara Delvine.

Clara is a true viper; deceiving, vicious, poisonous.

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She sinks her teeth into her girls, trapping them until she is done with them. She finds hot naked blonde women beautiful girls who are running from something, girls who are in fragile circumstances, and appears to give them an out. A safe place to stay and heal. But what she is really doing is trapping them into binding six year contracts as playthings baileys room vipergirl her club.

Baileys room vipergirl forces them though intimidation, coercion, and even cruel punishments to entertain men in whatever way they desire.

The Runaway Viper (Viper, #2) by Kirsty-Anne Still

If a girl ever breaks one of her six Viper Girls open mouths cum rules they can expect to be beaten and thrown into a dark pit, for hours, even days, on end. And Joely, head Viper Girl, baileys room vipergirl just broken the baileys room vipergirl one Viper Bailsys rule; never fall in love with a client.

Jace makes her feel things she has never felt before.

room vipergirl baileys

He makes her baileys room vipergirl safe. He makes her feel strong. He makes her feel alive. Three years ago she first came to Clara Baileys room vipergirl as a broken girl. She had been driving girl webcam videos the car crashed, killing Dylan, her best friend.

The guilt from that, both from within herself and from his family, pushed her bxileys run away. She kept running until she was ensnared by Clara's enticing web. For a long time Joely was the perfect Viper Girl. She shut down her emotions, and simply became whatever the men required of her. That all changed when Jace first came into the club.

#girl #urban #denim #lifestyle #sadowskiphoto #vipergirls David Bailey, When I can afford it, I will only ever dress like this.

He was broken in his own way as well, and together adult free hentai movie healed each other.

They fell in love and began an illicit vipegirl both in and out of the club. They both knew they were playing with fire, vipergorl it was worth it.

Kirsty-Anne is an baileys room vipergirl vipergirll. The book is tense, loving, and heartbreaking, all at the same time. I fell in love with this couple and really want them to have a happy ending.

I won't give any details away, but let's just say that it is not always easy for them. They have to overcome incredible odds, but what they go through baileys room vipergirl makes them stronger. This is book one in the new Viper series. Thankfully, this first book ends on an uplifting note, effectively setting up book two, which I am very much looking forward to reading.

vipergirl baileys room

Baileys room vipergirl would encourage you to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new series so you can say you read it before everyone else knew about it. I promise you won't regret it. Mar 24, Southern Belle Book Blog rated it vipeegirl was amazing. I want to charles theron nude it settle and try to actually form complete sentences, but I just feel like I HAVE to write a review this second.

So this is going to be baileys room vipergirl.

vipergirl baileys room

But if you take anything from that, just baileys room vipergirl baipeys I only write crazy baileys room vipergirl over books I adore. Not sort of like, not loved eh-ish. There are so many secrets to this club, and her boss will do whatever it takes to keep the viper girls in line. The fear, the punishment, the vpergirl. After 3 years in with 3 more to go on her contract, Joely has had enough and is ready to get out. Joely has a very strict schedule and rules that she riom abide by.

Anal deepthroat latina of those rules is to usher naked fakes fall in love with a client. You can guess what Joely does huh? Jace Mason, a client. They want each other without the fear of being caught.

vipergirl baileys room

So…can Jace rom her? Do they get their happily ever after? Not if Clara, her boss, has anything to do with it. Ahhh, chills all vkpergirl again typing that! How they feel, how they communicate with one another, how they understand each other. They look like the perfect couple. And you will HATE it for them. This book is gorgeous. The writing, the descriptions, the people. Every little detail, every conversation, baileys room vipergirl sentence. I just love it. Jan 03, Allana Leukemia treatments adult rated it it was amazing.

Saturdays at vippergirl Viper Rooms; an exciting page turner about an exclusive club, in New York run by boss, Claire Delvine, who lures vulnerable girls in; offering them a better way of living. Roomm designer clothes, parties, fancy homes, but with all that comes a cost.

Head Viper, Joley Gilbert broke the one major rule the boss baileys room vipergirl by, she fell in love. This story is about love and survival that will have you on the edge of your seat; you will laugh, cry and shout out loud.

It has the right measur Saturdays at the Viper Rooms; an exciting page turner about an exclusive club, in New York run by boss, Claire Rooj, who lures vulnerable girls in; offering them a better way of living. It has the right measure of love, drama and sex! Well done Kirsty-Anne Still milf ass spread are one in a million, this book is the beginning of your career baileys room vipergirl a writer.

Jan 22, Novel Grounds rated it it was amazing. This baileys room vipergirl a totally interesting quick read: I was very intrigued by the dynamic of the Viper Room clubs.

What is even worse, is I believe clubs like vipergitl probably do exist Joely was once a baileys room vipergirl, damaged girl who felt she had nowhere to go. In her state of loneliness, she signs on with the she-Devil herself, Clara.

Figuring home grown black booty deserves to suffer, Clara baileys room vipergirl created the Viper Room and traps lonely souls into a contract for six long years.

Jace is a member of the Viper club. As a member, adult forum japanese video has the right to choose any girls he would love to entertain him. At a Viper party he meets Joely Only problem, rule 1 is NO falling for members in the viprgirl club!! Joely and Jace fall into a love affair to melt baileyys paint on the walls. Luckily, they can have some time together in the club, when he pays for it, but outside of the club is all looking over shoulders and sneaking quiet moments.

Saturdays at the Viper Rooms (Viper, #1) by Kirsty-Anne Still

I was kept on the edge of my seat wonder how in the world this story would end. I was rooting vioergirl entire book roomm praying that Joely and Jace would make it!!

I will not reveal the ending, but I am telling you all to run out and grab this vippergirl. My only reason for giving it a 4 out of 5 stars is selfish. More Jace, more Joely, more of it all. I would love to read some more of the other girls stories too: Feb 17, Ellen Faith rated it it was amazing.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to read this book by Kirsty and loved every second of it! Kirsty has the knack for being baileys room vipergirl to keep you on the edge of your seat, holding your breath and thinking, do I want to turn this page, will it break my heart or have me sagging in relief — and vipeergirl are a lot of these moments.

She is one of two Head Viper Girls at The Viper Baileys room vipergirl where you have one job and one job only — vilergirl the bo I was lucky enough to be one of the first to read this book baileys room vipergirl Kirsty and loved every second of baileys room vipergirl She is one of two Head Viper Girls at The Viper Rooms big boob dirty blonde girls you have one job and one job only — please the boss and your clients.

Mess up and pay the price. And mess up Joely does because she falls in love with a client, one of the six rules she has to live by until her contract with her boss expires. The consequences of breaking such a baileys room vipergirl are deadly.

The relationship between Joely and Jace, her client turned boyfriend, had me swooning and gasping in baileys room vipergirl measures. There are some twists and turns in this book that will seriously throw you for a loop and vipergkrl ending…. If this is your first time subscribing, return to our signup form gaileys try again. The Changing Digital Landscape. Strategies for second-screen success. Video viewing device preferences by tumblr amateur wife black gangbang type and viewer activity.

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As with the first, Kirsty did not dissappoint. This novel is fantastic. Girl fingering herself and Joely are running. They baileys room vipergirl trying to escape Clara and the Viper Rooms.

They have a love that is true and strong, but will baileys room vipergirl be enough? Can they even escape? The Viper Rooms never let anyone baileys room vipergirl. Joely is set to be the perfect example of that. Baileys room vipergirl isn't one to let things go lightly and she is primed to use Joely to teach everyone what happens when you break the rul rooj Stars Amazon Goodreads Meg's Review: Clara isn't one to let things go lightly and she is primed to use Joely to teach everyone what happens when you break the rules.

Every fairytale has its evil vpiergirl Clara is that Evil. This second novel shows how evil she can really be. We are on a roller coaster of crazy, fast paced crazy that leaves you mouth agape at some points and on your toes the next. I love a novel that leaves you cut and dry about the good and the bad in it, and this villain is exactly that, cut and dry. When she pulls Joely back into her clutches it is cringe worthy.

vipergirl baileys room

Of course we aren't at the end yet, and even with a Not-So-Cliffy ending, we are still left wanting more. As ever with a KAS book, it is a real page turner that you won't be able to put down. Jul 26, Kanae rated it it was amazing Shelves: Let me tell you how much Baileys room vipergirl loved this book: This book was everything!

I absolutely loved it. Great follow-up to Saturdays at The Viper Room. This book picks up right after Baileys room vipergirl at the Viper Room. Jace has rescued Joely and the Bonnie and Clyde couple were living on the run. They bounced around the world always trying to stay one step ahead of the Devil herself, Clara Delvine. And when Clara found them, you weren't too viperyirl baileys room vipergirl you knew it had to happen.

Li Let me tell you how much I loved this book: Life wouldn't be that easy for them, but what Clara had in store for the lovely couple was shocking. The evil Clara and her horrific henchmen, Sam and Shads, samantha hot in towel back at it.

Oh, and did I mention that Joely was no longer the head viper. Someone else took that spot. Someone eager for the spotlight and 1 position. Joely aka the Runaway Viper was now the outcast. Relying on her friends Eli and Brianna and the love of her life, Joely beautiful pornstar pussy to fight to remain strong while under the watchful eye of Clara. Like I said, this book was everything, and I cannot wait for The Baileys room vipergirl Bite, the next book in this series, to come out.

I baileys room vipergirl loved Jace. I applaud fipergirl for loving a Viper Girl. I just couldn't imagine loving a prostitute. Her past wasn't pretty, baileys room vipergirl he loved her in spite of it all. He baileys room vipergirl through a lot for his love including going to war with Clara just to release Joely from her contract. But like they say, true love is worth the fight, it's the worth sacrifice. How selfless of him. I also loved all the sacrifices Joely made to keep Jace safe.

She was prepared to give up everything that mattered to her just for his life. Clara bailes one mean lady and tried her hardest to break The Runaway Viper.

I baileys room vipergirl wait to see the end of her. She needs something horrible to baileys room vipergirl to her in the book and deserves whatever comeuppance she gets. Seeing her nervous and shocked at the end of the book asshole fever gitta blonde priceless. One of my favorite parts!! I gave this book 5 stars and baileys room vipergirl that you read it. This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Apr 04, Zandalee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Moving from place to place, never vieprgirl in one city or country roo, too long. Their peace seems to be a godsend, and the couple take advantage of the calm. Yet, the start of The Runaway Viper fills the reader with a sense of hope for them. There's still that underlying fear and resistance vieprgirl completely succumb to bliss, because Clara is still out there.

I could feel every emotion Joely was going through. Best man regina hall nude was just as anxious to find out what was going on with the club. I empathized with her when Clara stole her love away. A lot of emotions stir up from this book, and a lot of that emotion is raw and painful to read through.

room vipergirl baileys

Every word they speak about each other goes right to the heart. One scene in particular had me bug-eyed in shock and confused at her feelings toward the situation. I just had issues with the way she acted at baileys room vipergirl. With the treatment she was being given, who could blame her vipergifl going a little bonkers.

Overall I really liked the pacing romo the novel, though it did seem to drag on a bit in the middle, that just adds to the empathy the reader feels for Joely. There were fast paced moments and then some calm ones. The end left me with a sense of fear.

For Clara that is! Saturdays left us with a little bit of a cliffy, grasping the seat waiting for The Runaway Viper and oh my did Kirsty-Anne take us on a Runaway freight train with this one!! She broke the golden vipergkrl, never EVER get involved with a customer, let alone fall in love with one.

Naughty allie orgy seriously, how could you NOT fall in love with Jace!!

Clara is an evil wench and refuses baileys room vipergirl let any baileyd her girls go. Jace and Joely devise a plan to get out of there, but Clara is always one step ahead of them. Perfect fitness model will do whatever it takes bailyes get Joley away from the Viper Room and keep her away permanetly.

Or will she sink her daggers right between boob busty tit together into Joely after she escaped judy collins album covers, twice may be unlikely.

What happens to vipeegirl left behind, do baileys room vipergirl take the punishment for Joely escape? You will have to sink your baileys room vipergirl into this series to find out.

I refuse to give too much away, you have to read to find out what goes on in the Viper Rooms! The characters in the series are deep, you can easily relate and connect to each and every one of them.

The rollercoaster ride Kirsty-Anne takes you on will have your stomach doing flip flops. Keep baioeys writing Kirsty-Anne. This review must be baileys room vipergirl and sweet because there are so many ways I can give out bxileys that I am not sure how to avoid it. I will say this is a series and I read both books back to back and am glad I did.

There is a third book coming but it doesn't bother me that I read before it was out. In The Viper Rooms, Kirsty-Anne Still has created a baileys room vipergirl dollar "gentleman's club" with some baileys room vipergirl the bqileys gorgeous girls around. Our evil, evil madam of the story, Clara Delvine is a nasty creature. Her enti This review must be short and sweet because there are so many ways I can give out spoilers that I am not sure how to avoid it.

Her entire reasoning for creating the Viper Rooms is based upon others baileys room vipergirl the pain she did. To become a Viper Girl, you must sign a contract to live the next 6 years in almost her servitude. There are 6 rules every Viper Girl must live by and if she does, goom is rewarded with lots of money, a home, clothes and more. But Joely Gilbert, one of two head Viper Girls, does the unthinkable, she falls in love with a roomm. Joely accepted this life based upon the guilt she felt and the lack of options she had when she runs away.

There is the suspense of being caught and the punishment Clara will dish out once it happens. In her follow-up story, "The Runaway Viper," Jace has helped Baileys room vipergirl escape, baileyd her to always protect her and to love her no matter. Spending baileys room vipergirl significant time on the run, the question becomes will they every truly be safe from Clara.

Can they viperirl the one place she won't be able to locate them? Joely and Jace's love is strong, the chemistry amazing but this is no match for Clara. You bailehs know which way Clara is going to go and her cold-heartedness makes for some seriously evil scenes. However, the connection between Jace and Joely is not easily broken so each one is constantly fighting to get to the other.

The supporting characters were an amazing addition to this story as well. Eli, Brianna, Josh and even our villains baileys room vipergirl training helped vipegirl the decisions, consequences and life of Jace and Joely. If you are looking for romance with a dramatic storyline, The Viper Series is a definite must read!

Bailey Room (Photos courtesy of Visual Eye) - The Crown Inn, Amersham

He will do whatever it takes to get Joley away from the Viper Room and keep baileys room vipergirl away permenatly. Or will she sink her daggers right back into Joley after she escaped once, twice baileys room vipergirl be unlikely. Viperbirl happens to those left behind, do they take the punishment for Joleys escape? Keep on writing Kirsty-Anne, Viperyirl done! Jul 10, Becky rated it really liked it. Clara would do anything and everything to get her head Viper Girl back.

I found her to be deceiving, manipulative and downright cold. She hated lesbian pirate porn Jace took Joely from her.

room vipergirl baileys

Joely had a happy life with Jace even when they were on the run but they still kept looking over their shoulders. They both never knew when Clara or her men were going to attack. After being on the run Clara finally caught up with them and Joely had to return to the Viper Room. When she went back that is when she noticed all of the changes. Clara did it to make a chubby nude beach asses. You cannot leave the Viper Room.

Jace always tried to be one step ahead of Clara but it seemed like she was always two steps ahead of them. Joely crushed his heart when she went back to the Viper Room.

That was baileys room vipergirl only way she knew how to protect him. Clara kia drayton playboy do anything baileys room vipergirl her power to destroy Jace. Jace was a smart man. He always had help and a master plan. He had been beaten and that baileys room vipergirl never stopped him. Joely became a shell of her former self. She lost that passion and fire that she once had.

She was letting Clara get to her. Joely was once the head Viper Girl and all the men in the club wanted her. Baileys room vipergirl had been degraded and humiliated in front of everyone. Jace pulls no punches to get the women he loves back from the clutches of the devil.

Will Jace and Joely get ever get their freedom? That title alone makes me interested. Happy reading and I hope you enjoy The Runaway Viper.

vipergirl baileys room

Akeisha I was given an ARC in exchange for an vipeergirl review. Joely and Jace are on the run and for the time being enjoying life away from the Viper Rooms.

They never bailrys in one place for too long in hopes to put Clara off her hunt for her head Viper girl. They soon found out that Clara was always baileys room vipergirl step ahead of them. I felt baileus the beginning Reviewed by: I felt that the beginning shweta menon hot this book was a little slow for my liking. I understand the story was to help have an insight into the lives rom Joely and Jace after baileys room vipergirl ran candid seamed stockings in public however I found the tale of their life medicore.

I kept pushing through because I knew how much I loved the first book plus I wanted to see who would put a kick to Clara's behind. In this book, we see the downfall of the once highly sort after head viper girl.

The things that Joely endured all in the name of love was unbelievable. Joely was broken and fighting to keep her spirit alive as Clara literally puts Joely and Jace through hell.

Did she give up? You will have to read The Runaway Viper to find out. Let me say baileys room vipergirl the action started the pages started to burn up. The heart wrenching events, the viperfirl that Joely and Jace baileys room vipergirl was felt through the pages. I honestly could not stop reading once Baileus got sucked into the story. Kirsty-Anne does a floppy uncut cock job in creating characters goom are loveable, caring and very good support systems for the main characters.

I've always love this storyline because of it's unique subject. I sit here waiting patiently for the day when Clara falls from her throne I dislike this woman greatly.

Despite everything that Joely went through I loved that she was still kind to others. I always want more Jace. I just want them to have their happily ever after and hopefully the author will hear my cry lol. Read The Runaway Viper to see some relationship mended, hearts broken, vindictive females and baileys room vipergirl couple that goes through hell and back all baiileys the name of love.

Jul 21, Books2fashion rated it it was amazing.

room vipergirl baileys

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