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Locate Nasty Hidden Smells in Your Home and Fix Them for Good

mold at homeFor the most part, household stinks are easy leave no mystery about their location, and getting rid of them is pretty simple. There are some that linger, however, and can be more difficult to find. No matter how many oils you burn or how much air freshener you spray, they seem to keep coming back. If you want to avoid these disgusting smells taking of your home and offending your family or your guests, you need to find out what they are.

Smelly, Dangerous Mold

Mold tends to grow in areas that are moist and warm, so your house might be the perfect candidate if you have:

  • Old plumbing that leaks
  • Poor ventilation in moist rooms like bathrooms or kitchens
  • Condensation building up in your window frames
  • Gutters in disrepair that leak

Mold can be dangerous, but for smaller mold problems it can generally be cleaned with soapy water. Adding bleach or vinegar to water and spritzing the mold with it can be another very effective way of killing it and removing it from your home.

Stinky Old Carpets Getting You Down?

Your carpet may just be in need of a good carpet cleaner. Carpets are porous and perfect for trapping the unwanted smells of cigarette smoke, spilled foods or beverages, pet urine, and the smells of thousands of footsteps that have been walked on it. If you can’t afford a professional carpet cleaner to come out to provide a deep cleaning, there are other solutions.

  • White vinegar, when added to a spray bottle with water, can be a great remedy for destroying stenches and breaking up tough stains.
  • Bicarbonate of soda can be sprinkled onto carpets, left to sit for a while, and then vacuumed away, along with the smells that were hanging out in there.
  • Some store bought carpet cleaners are very effective at removing both stains and odors.

It Smells Like Death… Literally

Maybe a carpet cleaning isn’t really what you need. If the scent that is offending your home smells like death, maybe it is. There is the potential for all kinds of little critters to end up in our walls, in our basements, or in our closets. This would be a smell that would be very tough to ignore. Here are some unseemly places you can check for hidden odors in your home.

  • Your attic is a prime hiding place for dead animals. They can get in and hide in the insulation. It doesn’t take long for a scent in the attic to permeate the entire home.
  • You walls are a favorite among rodents like mice or rats. When they die in there, they decompose and the smell can become overwhelming quickly.
  • Under your home can be an excellent hiding place for animals of all kinds. If you live in an elevated home it might be best to check for hidden smells.

Hidden home odors can be cause for serious alarm. The solution is often simple, even when the smell is not so simple to track down. Whether you just need to search the nooks and crannies of your house, ensure a good carpet cleaning, or blast away hidden mold, there is always a fast and effective way to create a home that is welcoming and odor free.