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These DIY Cleaning Combinations Can Be Dangerous

diy cleanerThese cleaning products are helpful aids around the house and are common in most homes. When facing a hard to clean job, you think if one cleaner does a decent job, combining it with another might clean better. But combining the wrong ones is often dangerous. Mixing one product that works well with another cleaner, won’t improve cleaning, and it might make you and your family sick.

Some products, when used by themselves, are safe and non-toxic. Mixing one cleaner with other cleaning products may cause harmful reactions between the different chemicals found in each product.

Even when using products with safe ingredients, you don’t always know what chemical reactions you’ll get when mixing them. The two cleaning products mixed can ruin hard surfaces or fabrics and furniture. Read warnings and content labels when using any cleaning product and don’t mix with the cleaners listed here.

Two Different Drain Cleaner Types

Experts warn against mixing different drain cleaner types and of pouring one down the drain right behind pouring the other down the drain. Drain cleaners contain powerful chemicals and can explode when mixed.

Only use a single drain cleaning product at a time and follow the directions on the package. Most drain jobs only need a half bottle for each treatment. If the drain still has a clog, don’t follow with a different drain opener, contact a professional plumber.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Pinterest is full of DIY vinegar and baking soda cleaning recipes. You find these ingredients in the pantry of most homes, and they make great cleaning products by themselves, but mixing them isn’t always the best idea.

Vinegar has an acidic base while baking soda base is basic. When you mix these common ingredients, it gives you some sodium acetate and mostly water while causing the soda to bubble and foam. Storing vinegar and baking soda in a lidded container may cause the mixture to explode.

Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide

Experts tell us, using alternating sprays of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide on countertops and fruits, is safe as long as you wipe the surfaces between each spray. But the experts also warn, never mix vinegar and peroxide. Mixing these two ingredients forms peracetic acid. This acid is an eye, skin, and respiratory irritant and is possibly toxic.

Vinegar and Bleach

When you hear vinegar and bleach, you think of strong disinfecting cleaners, but avoid mixing the two. When mixed, vinegar and bleach release chlorine gas and even the lowest levels of the gas causes coughing and problems breathing along with burning and watering eyes.

Ammonia and Bleach

The mixture of ammonia and bleach forms the toxic gas, chloramine. Like vinegar and bleach, it causes respiratory problems along with chest pain and breathing problems. Ammonia is an ingredient in window and glass cleaners, so avoid adding bleach to either of these cleaners.

Rubbing Alcohol and Bleach

Many cleaning products like toilet and window cleaners contain ammonia and other acids. If you add chlorine bleach, you get a toxic gas called chloroform which is irritating and can make you sick and pass out. A good rule for using cleaning products is use water with bleach and nothing else.