Perfect Ways to Store your High Quality Pots and Pans

Gone are the days when common kitchen items like cooking pots and pans were black and bland. In most cases now they are made to be seen and not just for their essential function. With that being said, there are some tips and tricks to how you choose to display these cookware sets that will make all of the difference in the world.

storing cookware sets

Turn on the Light

As simple as it sounds, lighting really matters. Try hanging a wire rack from the ceiling for the best pots and pans. Then hang each one with a hook in an appealing way. It will look great but it will also provide additional function in the kitchen. After doing all of that, shine a spotlight that is focused on the area for added appeal. It will cause a shimmer and a shine that is eye catching and will add to the appeal.

Use in Non Traditional Ways

You might think that you have to spend some really big dollars on paying a professional to come in and tile a fancy backlash in your kitchen. But that is not true. There are other options if you can think creatively enough. Try using several small wall cookware hanging racks to line them up along the area where the backsplash would normally be. It will show a pop of color and you will not be sorry that you did.

Use the Ceiling

People generally do not think about the fact that they can optimize the ceiling space above the kitchen area for additional space for their best pots and pans and related cookware sets. A wire ceiling hanging rack is a perfect way to find more room when you need it. Then you can add hooks and hang all of your best-looking kitchen pots and pans for display. The kitchen ceiling is the single most underused space in the home and has implications of offering a good deal when it is utilized. It is also a great place to do a vinyl sticker to add even more visual appeal. Or even a mural that is hand painted on, will bring color and movement also.

Open Face Shelving

The newest and hottest trend in the kitchen is open faced shelving. There are ones that can be hung on the wall or under a counter top for optimal appeal. It is a less formal way to show off all of the pretty cookware items that you have relating to the kitchen area. Open faced shelving is a perfect way to use serving bowls and pitchers that are colorful as pieces of living art. Your kitchen might be bland in all white, but when using orange, yellow, or red colors, you will find beauty.

There are many creative and inventive ways to design your kitchen in such a way that it adds additional appeal and you can achieve this by storing your pots and pans for everyone to see. Your friends will be asking questions about how you achieved all of your success related to this and they will want to do the same. Take the time to explore what you can do to make your home environment even better than it was before and you will be glad that you did.


How to Remove Sticky Things From Your Carpet

gum on carpetWe’ve all done it; grabbed the scissors to remove those sticky spills from the furniture or carpet. Things like candy, gum, soft drinks, and Kool-Aid can leave sticky and stained areas on carpet or furniture upholstery. If you have children in the house, it’s a continual problem. Pieces of goo drop on furniture or carpet, grinding into the fibers before you’re aware the spill happened. This can cause bad smell to develop over time as well.

If you’re lucky, the spill wipes away with a little hard work, but many times, that’s not the case. Covering the stain with a chair or the end of the couch and adding throw pillows to the furniture is an option. But sometimes it’s not a good choice for your space.

Cutting the stain out is a last resort and probably not necessary. Before attacking the stain with a pair of scissors or replacing the couch, read our tips for removing sticky gunk using tools found in your home.

Getting Rid of Gum

Gum is a nightmare stain on upholstery and carpets. It sticks to the fibers, getting ground deep into the pile, making quick action important to removing the sticky mess. This method quickly makes easy work of the offending mass of goo.

  • Fill a quart-size plastic bag half full of ice. Lay ice bag directly on the spot of gum and let set 2-3 minutes. The ice hardens the gum for easier removal from carpet or upholstery.
  • Use a putty scraper and scrape remaining gum off the fiber.
  • Vacuum spot area, removing the loose particles.
  • Working in a circle, rub stain with a sponge, dipped in warm water and dish soap.
  • Cover the washed gum spot with a dry clean towel and soak up remaining water. Continue patting with a towel until spot area is dry.

Use these steps for removing other sticky messes, like candy, from upholstery and carpeting.

Alternative method:

Spray WD40 directly on the stain and let sit 5 minutes. Scrub with a nail brush to remove the stain. Repeat method if needed.

If these stain removal methods don’t work, consider treating with a fabric safe solvent remover made for adhesive, like Goo Gone.




Prevent Damage to your Garbage Disposal by Avoiding these Mistakes

damaged garbage disposal

Holiday disposal use sees the garbage disposal systems constantly crunching an endless supply of peelings, scrapings, and leftovers. This hardworking powerhouse is a staple in more than half of the homes in the United States.

I recently spoke to the owner of a local plumbing service who said that most major holidays give garbage disposals a hard workout. I was also told that their busiest day is the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Not all disposals are high-tech. Many are old, low-grade appliances, and don’t work at full capacity. Inferior and outdated disposals are the reasons technicians and manufacturers give the many different recommendations for safely using garbage disposals.

I also did research on one manufacturer who are known for high quality. This company listed the myths when it comes to what to put in a disposal and what not to put in the disposal. Older units can’t handle bones, eggshells, pasta, coffee grounds, or banana peels stuffed down their throats. However, when it comes to the best garbage disposal today, you will be looking at quieter yet more powerful performance. This means that when you through these tough items into the system, they will grind them up with ease.

InSinkErator, a disposal manufacturer since 1938, offers their Evolution line of disposals with advanced features that grind bones and avocado pits.

While many disposal myths don’t apply to newer systems, there are mistakes you still want to avoid even with the most technically advanced models.

Wrong Sequence for Operating – Even the best garbage disposals need an operation sequence using these steps in order:

  1. Turn on the cold water and let it run.
  2. Start the disposal.
  3. Add food slowly and avoid putting too much food in at one time.
  4. Let disposal run for 30-seconds or until the food is ground up and gone.
  5. Turn off disposal and leave the water running for 15 seconds. The running water flushes any particles from the drain.

Incorrect Cleaning – Add baking soda for cleaning and freshening the disposal system. Lime and lemon slices clean while eliminating odors. Add ice cubes to loosen stuck food. Cleaning with drain openers or bleach may cause the disposal to malfunction.

Using Hot Water – Against popular belief, use cold water when running a garbage disposal. Cold water lets grease and fats stay intact as they flush down the pipes.

Non-Food Items – Besides the forbidden foodstuff, there are other items not meant for this kind of system.

  • Twist Ties
  • Glass
  • Cigarettes and Cigarette Butts
  • Rubber Bands
  • Matches

Fat and Grease – Grease solidifies and hardens in pipes. Put grease in a container and throw in the trash.

Don’t Call for Service Yet– Before calling for repair service; you need to try these tips first.

  • Shut off the unit at the switch and press the red button underneath the garbage disposal. This button resets the unit, much like resetting a circuit breaker, which may restart the system.
  • Using the key furnished with your disposal, insert into the key inside the hole at the unit’s bottom side. If you don’t have the disposal key, you can use an Allen wrench. Rotate the key back then forward to remove the jam.

If these two steps don’t work, call for repair service.


A Home Improvement Strategy for your House

The new year is a great time to bring about change. As you bring about change in your life with new year resolutions, your home deserves a good share of it too. So here are ten tips to go about home improvement.

  • Find inspiration:

We all need that little tinge of inspiration to guide us.

So look for home improvement inspiration from all sources possible.

Look for it on the internet or a better place would be to find it from someone who has got their home improvement project done recently.

They will tell you exactly how they did it.

Take inspiration from 3-4 sources (4 is the maximum, don’t over research things) and then chalk out your own plan.

  • Have a Plan:

Starting without a plan is surely a recipe for disaster.

You may do things that are not required while focusing on the unwanted things.

So make sure that you know exactly what things are you going to target in your plan.

  • Choose and do only those improvements who provide most value:

As we talked about in the 1st point choosing wrong targets for home improvement can be counterproductive as you don’t spend most of your money and energy on areas that bring most value to your home.

So, choose things wisely.

  • Get money needed for Home Improvement:

Well, most home improvement plans need some money at disposal to complete.

So, you need to figure out how are you going to get that money needed for the home improvement plan.

Great sources can be selling off things that you don’t need like old newspapers.

  • Having the right tools:

After you sort out the finances required for the home improvement work, make sure you have the right tools required to get your work done.

Starting out with nothing in your toolbox and completing the plan is very unlikely.

So get the tools needed according to the plan decided in point number one.

  • Focus on the most time consuming but important tasks:

Once you are ready to start make sure that you focus on most time consuming but important tasks first.

This is the only way to get it done on time.

If you waste the vigour you have at the beginning on trivial things, you may miss out on things that add immense value to your house.

  • DIY or Not to DIY:

Well, the first idea that we all have is to do everything on our own. Which is great as it saves you a lot of money and the creative high that you get after doing something on your own.

But some tasks surely need to be handled by experts. This is the time you should accept it and hand over the work to a contractor.

  • Choosing the right contractor:

As the point above suggests outsourcing home improvement work to contractors.

It doesn’t mean that that’s all you got to do. Choosing the right contractor is a task on its own.

So, do enough research and pick the one that is reputable and knows his trade.

Tip: Take reference from someone who has got the same kind of work done before.

  • Keep it Clean:

No matter whatever you have planned, cleaning up and keeping the house clean should be totally on your list.

A clean house instantly gives out positive vibes.

  • Light it up:

This should be the thing you should absolutely ensure after cleanliness.

Bad lighting in the house can make the most beautiful house look dull and gloomy.

So make sure you have enough natural light coming into your house.

Also support it with innovative lighting that will brighten the place up for you.

These were some pointers to help your home improvement plan this new year.