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Don’t Do these Things When you’re Dusting your Home

dustingCleaning your home is often considered as a task that is hated by most of us. The worst part of this is probably the dusting aspect of it. No matter how well you dust on one particular day, you can be certain that there is going to be even more dust on that particular place within a few days. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to deal with this situation because we can’t just leave the place unclean. While we can’t make this task enjoyable, the least we can do is carry it out quickly and in an efficient manner. So how can we do this?

The most effective way of dusting requires a duster. A lot of people use feather dusters but the truth is that this is only going to carry the dust from one place to another. This is the reason that you need to avoid a standard feather duster and use something similar to an electrostatic duster instead. This will be far more effective because it is going to trap the dust and allow you to get rid of it.

The main areas that collect dust in abundance are vents and it is worth noting that there are a lot of these in an average home. A lot of people don’t actually focus on this aspect. The worst thing about this is that air comes through these vents and as a consequence, the dust is definitely going to be flowing all over your home due to this. This means that vents and similar places need to be targeted for dusting before anything else. If you do this, then you are definitely going to solve a lot of the problem in the first place. So, before you start dusting the furniture at home, try and wipe out the root of the problem by dusting vents.

When you are dusting the next time, be sure to take note of how you carry out this process because most people don’t know how to dust properly. They find a lot of dust gathered on a table and they start cleaning it with a duster. Truth be told, this is the opposite of what you should be doing because essentially, you’re dealing with dry dust. This type of dust can easily spread in the air and make things a lot worse for you. The worst thing about this is that you won’t even come close to cleaning everything if you allow the dust to become airborne. The best method to deal with this involves spraying a particular surface with some dusting solution or liquid and then wiping it clean. This will ensure that the surface is completely dust-free. At the same time, it will also ensure that you’re lungs aren’t exposed to any dust that may lead to an allergic reaction.

Vacuuming is a highly effective way of getting rid of dust. However, remember that this is a machine that is designed to store all of this dust within a compartment. This means that when you open it up, you’re bound to come across filters that are packed with dust particles. You need to make sure that these filters are cleaned on a regular basis. Again, most of us don’t concentrate on this and instead continue on vacuuming with ineffective filters that are most likely going to throw dust out.