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You Should Clean These At Least Once A Year

outdoor window cleaningIt is a commonly known fact that housecleaning and housekeeping is a never ending chore that involves sweeping, mopping, and shining before completion. There is always a never ending list that can’t be skipped. But fortunately, there are a few chores that only need to be complete once annually in order to get good results. However, a lot of us tend to forget about these, which is something that needs to be avoided.

Here is the list of those chores:

Outdoor Windows

Indoor windows should be cleaned once a month but outdoor windows should only be cleaned once a month. It works best when you use a synthetic plastic broom to sweep away the dirt and debris that builds up over time. Then use a water hose with a nozzle attached with a cleaning agent to loosen anything left behind. Wash it away then use a cloth towel to dry away any streaks.

Fabrics and Linens

Even though some people will launder fabrics and linens monthly, they really only need to be laundered once yearly to keep them in good repair. Take down all of the fabrics in the home and wash and dry them and then put them back up. It will clean away pet hair that gets caught in the fabrics and will leave them smelling clean and fresh to be enjoyed. And then in between washings, you can use a vacuum with an attachment and a hose to spot clean pet hair tufts in between.

Machine Maintenance

The appliances in the home will work best when you take the time to clean the lint traps once during the year. Also oil bendable hinges and vacuum underneath the appliance so that they will get clogged up. They will last much longer when you do so.

The Fireplace

If you want your fireplace to work well then you will need to call a chimney sweep to professionally clean your fireplace. Some say that you can use a vacuum to clean away the debris left behind from burnt firewood, but it doesn’t actually clean the fireplace properly. A chimney sweep will enclose the unit wholly with plastic and use professional equipment to clean the caked on mess and then dispose of it properly.

Organize the Lost

Take the time to clean out and reorganize things like junk drawers, garage areas, and closets once a year. Life works best when things are clean and organized and it will make a difference in your everyday life.

Return Air Vents

Don’t forget to pull out the vacuum to clean return air vents that are usually located in the hallway. Use the brush attachment in an up and down motion, moving slowly across the grates. It will clean away big particles like dust balls and pet hair. Then wipe them down with a cleaning agent.

Take notice that these are things that are recommended as doing annually and not any more often than that. You can give yourself a pass once they are done, because you will not have to do them any more often than that.